Slayer – Reign In Blood

Ah, Slayer.

Sorry… SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!

What can I say about this record by now, 23 years after its crushing arrival? How long have I even owned a copy of this record? A long time.

This is completely essential listening. It is intricate, immediate, stunningly conceived, and completely aggressive. Other, weaker metal bands everywhere suddenly forget their silly posturing and scurry to hide under furniture when this record appears on the horizon.

It is a short, sharp shock to your pathetic complacency. It is hardcore at its finest. It is the only thing that can scratch that itch. It will eat you for lunch and spit your bloody bones into the street.

You must own Reign In Blood, and pay it tribute regularly. You are incomplete without it.

Track Listing:
01 Angel Of Death
02 Piece By Piece
03 Necrophobic
04 Altar Of Sacrifice
05 Jesus Saves
06 Criminally Insane
07 Reborn
08 Epidemic
09 Postmortem
10 Raining Blood

At some point, my original copy grew legs and went off somewhere to wreak havoc in new places, so for the past while I’ve owned the Expanded Edition, which has two splendid bonus tracks on it:

11 Aggressive Perfector
12 Criminally Insane (remix)

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