Immaculate Machine – High On Jackson Hill

Oh yes, it is here… Imagine my absolute, nay immaculate glee when the new Immaculate Machine record, High On Jackson Hill arrived this week from the amazing Mint Records… Folks, this is seriously one of my favourite bands ever!

Of course, my distraction-crushing headphones went on at the first opportunity, and these sweet, sweet sounds washed over me in wave after wave of complete rock glam folk pop beauty as only the Immaculate Ones can offer it up. And what a delight it is! All over this record, we’re treated to heavy riffs, pounding drums, soaring vocals, acoustic guitar tenderness and great slow-dancers, electro-stomp pop and fuzzed out brilliance. The lyrics remain high points as always, too with stories, humour and honest assessments born of obvious intelligence that totally keep you hooked.

When they say “all the good ideas have all been taken” in Sound The Alarms, they surely can’t have been talking about their own artistic output. They must mean everybody else, because this combination of musicians never fails to take things above and beyond with a sound that is fresh, pure, and endlessly interesting. This rules.

Don’t ask me to pick favourite tracks, here. Just trust me when I tell you that this record slides easily into the (happily) growing Immaculate Machine catalogue and that it totally, completely and absolutely kicks ass. The other crap out there right now, and you know the stuff I mean, can’t even come close to touching this. It’s not even in the same universe as our heroes.

High On Jackson Hill hits the streets on April 28, so start saving your pennies now, and mark your calendars to skip whatever work or school is keeping you down that day so that you can be first in line to get your copy. And as always, tell ’em the KMA enthusiastically sent you.

Hooray for Immaculate Machine!!!! And thanks heaps, Minty-folks!!

Track Listing:
01 Don’t Build That Bridge
02 Thank Me Later
03 You Destroyer
04 Sound The Alarms
05 He’s A Biter
06 I Know It’s Not As Easy
07 Primary Colours
08 Neighbours Don’t Mind
09 And It Was
10 You Got Us Into This Mess
11 Only Love You For Your Car
12 Blurry Days

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