Elephants in the room, Cake, Hawksley, Bull-shit and Coming Attractions!

Putting The Elephant Back In The Cage

Two comments on my last post, both letting me know that Cage The Elephant was not, in fact, very good live on the particular night that they were seen by the commenters. Well, maybe they could just get people together in a space and play the CD really loud? That’d sound alright. It’s also been ages since I saw a live show (and the last one was Leonard Cohen), so maybe my rock record ears are out of practice?

Laughing At Cake

Our infant son has a real sense of humour. Many are the body-shaking belly laughs emanating from this kid (which we completely love). And, recently, some of the best guffaws we get from him come every time we play Cake’s cover of Manha Manha on the For The Kids CD. Man, he just LOVES it! Of course, we’ll tire of it before he will, but for now that’s the height of brilliance to him. Fun!

First Four Tracks Of The New Hawksley!

James got us these, and man they are SWEET! Let Workman’s new album be the first CD you buy in the New Year and the rest of the year should proceed in a fantastic fashion! This genuine freak-out awesomeness, as though someone left the musical-genius Hawksley alone in a room with the best equipment money could buy and came back after the smoke had settled. Fuckin’ brilliant.

Classic Rawk Radio Can Blow Me

Man, just because it was recorded in the 1970’s does not mean that it is actually GOOD!!! For the love of all things holy in music, do you even play this shit before you air it? Do you hear me, 94.5 The Bull? Do you?


Yes, kiddies, I am currently compiling my annual list of the best albums of 2009, so be ready to run out and buy what I list that you so ignorantly ignored this year! Haha, er, I mean, there was a ton of cool stuff and I’m having trouble limiting myself to a list anyone would read, but I’ll give it a shot for the sake of your love of the KMA! It’s the love I have for you, baby!

Also, we have our first reader-submitted album! And a review is forthcoming! That’s right, if you’re an indie artist dreaming of being the very first to have your album actually sent to us and reviewed in these pages, you’ll just have to get in line ‘cos somebody finally beat you to it! But you should totally still send us your music. Honestly. Please, send it to us. We’d LOVE to hear it! Fire away!

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