Tragically Hip: The Series

I’m hoping to post a Hip album review per day, in chronological order no less, beginning today! I know I can do it. Who wouldn’t want to listen to that much Hip? Exactly!

Understand that I am coming from a place of great bias when discussing this band. I have been listening to our heroes for so long, through so many of the unending formative years of my life, that it would be impossible for me to imagine life without them. Honestly, I think they fucking rock. Bias? Hell yeah!

When I listen to the Hip, I think first of respect. Respect for this nation, respect for creativity and the open spaces it can offer. Respect for the listener’s intelligence in a world (unfortunately) full of vacuous pop radio shit, zero attention spans and plastic, meaningless sentiments. I also think of all of the great places I have been in this country, and of all the places I’ve yet to visit. In the Hip’s chords and riffs are the trees, rocks and water, the towns small and large, the wide expanses of sky, the blasting winters and sultry summers. In their lyrics lie the unmistakable respect, dignity and creativity of a nation, the very blood of all our great peoples from coast to coast. They sound like HOME.

The Hip. One of Canada’s greatest rock acts? You bet yer sweet ass, they are.

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