Big Music Fest

A brief interruption in our Tragically Hip Series Extravaganza, to inform you that I have purchased my ticket for Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 in Kelso Beach, not far from my place, for the Big Music Fest. This is organized by the same people who brought the Tragically Hip (woo!) to Wiarton last year. By all accounts, that was a great show, but so poorly planned logistically as to be ridiculous. They ran out of water. There weren’t enough Port-A-Pottys. Etc. Anyway, here’s hoping that this year they’ve got all that horseshit sorted out. If they don’t, it’s a short walk to my place, so it’s all good.

And the artists touted to show up? Well, according to the ticket, which seems to be offering an order to the afternoon, the line-up goes like this:

David Wilcox
Matthew Good (Band? or just Mr. Good?)
Finger Eleven
Our Lady Peace

and then the headliners… wait for it…


Yeah, well, how Hedley trumps OLP I’ll never know, and I don’t even care about OLP. I’m just going because it’s close to my house, the ticket price works out to $10 per band, and, most importantly, I’d be a pretty shitty KMA reporter if I didn’t attend a concert right here in my neighbourhood. Gates open at 1, but I’ve got to work until 1:30, so even if I go to work prepared to change and run over there, I’m still likely to miss most of the first band. Whatever.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled Tragically Hip programming…

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