Tragically Hip: The Series – Bonus Concert Edition (circa Henhouse, 1996)

I hold a special place in my heart for Trouble At The Henhouse, because it was on their tour for this release that I finally saw the band in concert. Yes, for a fan of the band, this is pathetically late in the game. Whatever. It is what it is.

We were in a hot, dusty field with 50,000 of our closest, sweatiest friends. It was the Saturday afternoon of a 3-day festival. Leading up to the main event were Odds, Porno For Pyros, and Live… which would have been lots had not the Hip been headliners… and then the Hip came on and blew the rest back to where they came from with their sheer athletic, encompassing rock. To experience that sound live was unforgettable. All in all, I’d call that a pretty fucking good afternoon spent, wouldn’t you? Hells yeah!

We’d been close to right down front during Odds and Porno, but about halfway through Live’s set (in which they essentially played Throwing Copper from start to finish – woo!), I took a rather hard kick to the side of my head from an asshole crowd surfer, and that was enough for us to move back a few rows, out of the fray. Still, we were close enough to enjoy the Hip’s set immensely, and this show will forever be burned into my brain, one of those life moments I’ll never, ever forget. They could have played all night, we all would have stayed. We were rapt, the entire time.

For any of you who care, I even kept a copy of the set list from that date:

Edenfest, 1996-07-13

Gift Shop
Grace, Too
700 Ft. Ceiling
Springtime In Vienna
Nautical Disaster
Coconut Cream
Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
At The Hundredth Meridian
Butts Wigglin’
Ahead By A Century
New Orleans Is Sinking
Put It Off
Fire in The Hole
Fifty Mission Cap
Fully Completely
Little Bones

Damn. Only two tracks pre-Fully Completely, and no Courage. Still an amazing show.

4 thoughts on “Tragically Hip: The Series – Bonus Concert Edition (circa Henhouse, 1996)

  1. Doug Sitler says:

    There was electricity in the air that day, because The Hip weren’t doing many (if any shows) that summer. I remember walking through the campground area with loads of people throughout yelling out The Tragically Hips name…it’s was 1:00 p.m., a far cry from their 10-11 p.m. start time…the crowd was that pumped. Your view was right on. All the bands were putting on killer shows that day. Live was definitely great, same with Perry Farrell. But you’re right, on their music alone from the front row to the back, 50,000 people were losing their minds from the The Tragically Hips onslaught. I’ve been to 450+ big time shows and definitely that many local shows and I’ve never seen a crowd so fired up as that night in 1996.

    I looked your article up for a setlist, as EdenFest began 20 years ago today, July 12.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hey Doug, thanks for checking out the post! You’re absolutely right about the excitement around the camp – it was obvious everyone was there for the Hip. Not even the Cure and Bush got the same response the night before, not even close. You say 50,000 people and my post says 20,000 – I think you’re closer to the mark, I’ll update it. 🙂

      Man, so many great memories from that weekend (did you see Porno For Pyros’ helicopter fly in and circle the crowd before their gig?). Right from the Refreshments opening on the Friday, through Sloan and Spirit Of The West and Watchmen and… man, what a weekend… Shame it had to end the way it did, there’s always gonna be people who wreck things.

      I hope the setlist was helpful for you, and thanks again for stopping by!


      1. Doug Sitler says:

        You know what’s even better? These memories are instilled in our heads…not our Facebook photos, on my phone, etc… I love that you remember it the same way as I do. One more thing to your blog. It was my first of 11-12 Hip shows. I fell in love with them during “Day for Night” but it wasn’t until EdenFest did I catch up to them. On an even crazier twist of fate. I live in Buffalo. My old neighbor was the one who’s production company produced EdenFest. They were a very successful promoter in Buffalo, but maybe bit off a little more than they could chew. I didn’t get to know him well, until about 12-13 years after the festival. He’s a great guy. We talked a ton about music, but I never did ask him “what happened?” He was a good guy and I didn’t feel like he needed to revisit some business mistakes. Regardless, an epic weekend.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          I’m happy with the memories too! So many great bands. If you’re interested, I put up a series on the whole festival. Just search ‘Edenfest’ in the SEARCH AND DESTROY box in the sidebar and there’s a bunch there.

          Oh man, Day For Night. What a record! Great entry point! Mine was Up To Here, through some guys at school. And I’m a first-day buyer ever since.

          That’s cool you got to know one of the promoters. It’d be interesting to know what happened with that whole thing, but you showed excellent restraint in not asking. Of course, if you ever get too curious about it, just say some blogger online was writing about it and you were wondering about the real story. You can blame it all on me! 🙂

          Were you able to get tickets to any of the upcoming shows? Sadly, I didn’t get any, they sold out so fast! 😦


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