Tragically Hip: The Series – World Container (2006)

Oh my goodness, can I even begin to tell you how much I love this record!? It’s grown on my continuously since it came out, and contains some of the most tuneful and rapturous bursts of song they’ve given us since… well, since the last record, but that’s beside the point… Seriously, this is awesome!

Yer Not The Ocean is another in the long string of fantastic opening tracks, setting a great pace and letting Gordie’s vocals soar over the carefully-controlled din perfectly. The Lonely End Of The Rink is one of the best songs on here. If memory serves me correctly, Gordie’s the goalie for the pick-up hockey team a bunch of these musician-types play for, which somehow suits him perfectly. And when he’s going on about joining the rush here, he speaks for every goalie on the planet, I’m sure. Anyway, from the opening guitar flirtations into a held breath and then that absolute blast of the song’s main riff, this song pounds away happily. It must sound so awesome live! The guitar parts in the verse remind me of the Police. Cool. Next up is the single, In View, which you’ve all heard a million times, and I know you’ve had that completely infectious nine-note riff stuck in your head on many occasions because I have too! I didn’t like it so much at first, but now I realize it fits their catalogue perfectly and it’s some great pop songwriting to boot.

Fly is one of those open prairie road-trip songs, rolling along and lifting us up at the chorus, drawing us in with all its excellent lyrics. The generic bass line in Luv (Sic) totally takes me back to 1985 or so, but in a good way! This is a cool song that rocks perfectly. And then we roll into the Clash-inspired brilliance of The Kids Don’t Get It, a song that I absolutely love because it slips us from its pounding, shuffling beat into the piano ballad of Pretend without missing a beat. It’s two songs from one idea, taken in totally different directions. Genius!

Last Night I Dreamed You Didn’t Love Me picks the pace back up handily with another fantastic bluesy riff and an ethereal chorus. The Drop Off is here to ROCK on its driving beat, so hold on to your hat! This song is so much fun! Family Band keeps the superior pacing and offers some of the more interesting phrasing on the record. Love it. And the title track closes things out here, standing up proudly amongst the best examples of the rock ballad in music history.

Whoa. I can listen to this record countless times, and every time it offers me something new again, some little detail I’d missed, an extra treat to please me to no end, and to keep me coming back again and again. And I will. Oh yes, I will. Highly, highly recommended.

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