Hawksley Workman singles!

James sent me these Hawksley singles. Thanks, James!

‘Sweetest Thing There Is’ starts out with a lovely, almost searching solo piano and quickly explodes into a soaring melody as only Hawksley can imagine it, that wall of sound (to steal a phrase) he creates where the lyrics are almost an afterthought, before slipping back to that haunting piano again.

‘Hockey, The Greatest Game In The Land’ is the theme song for Score: The Musical. James says it’s decidedly the most un-Hawksley song he’s heard, but doesn’t hate it. I love it! It’s so goofy. And it covers everything we think of when we think of the game, cliché and otherwise. Plus, the songs rocks. And it has a nice Hip guitar reference in the middle. Haha sweet.

‘I Loved You Too Much’ is Hawksley’s contribution to the recent Garth Hudson Presents A Canadian Celebration Of The Band record. It’s another rocker, of course, and it’s clear he’s doing the track with the glee of a guy who remembers bouncing around the living room and lip-sync singing to the Band as a kid, and now here he is with Hudson playing on the track with him! Definitely lots of bombast here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh, Hawksley. You rock.

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