Geoff Berner – Victory Party

Much to love here – Geoff Berner has a new album! On the mighty Mint Records label! And, just like all his other efforts, Victory Party RULES.

The hallmarks of his unique sound are firmly in place; Eastern European gypsy rock party dance music with a deep political message and thoughtful, incisive (and often hilarious) lyrics and storytelling. The band is smoking hot, the songs are incredibly strong, and taken as a whole, Victory Party is a cohesive, brilliant record to be celebrated.

His voice is perfectly cracking on album opener Victory Party, and I loved the inclusion of the clarinet on Laughing Jackie The Pimp. Wealthy Poet is borderline techno in feel while remaining cohesive to its record mates’ sound. Mayn Rue Platz seamlessly joins many of his other songs from past records, solo accordion and a dark story, with eventual violin and back-up vocals gorgeously adding light to the song.

I Kind Of Hate Songs With Ambiguous Lyrics is an ambitious rocker with a funny yet poignant point, Daloy Polizei is Berner’s best take on Fuck Tha Police (in fact, that’s part of the lyrics!), and Jail brings back the clarinet to play along with a frankly funny look at what life might be like in prison. Rabbi Berner Reveals His True Religious Agenda lays out exactly what it advertises, Oh My Golem! uses drum machines and electronic dance accoutrements (!) to buoy a truly harrowing track that’s definitely the weirdest (yet satisfying) expedition on the disc. Bringing up the rear is Cherry Blossoms, a lament about home that slowly waltzes us into hoping Berner makes another record as hugely great as this one tomorrow!

Huge thanks to the Mighty Mint for getting this gem into our hands!

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