Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Holy crap, this giant of a record was released twenty years ago!

Mark my words, before the year is out there will be some sort of anniversary release of this on the shelves. And I will buy it. Anyway.

The Chilis have always been so funky it hurts, and this record is no different than any of their others, as you well know, since you’ve been grooving to it forever. Suffice it to say: this band is on their own scale, they are their own genre, they are unto themselves. And we love them for it.

I can’t find a track here that I don’t like. I tried. I thought, OK, you always write that you love albums. Get a spine, son, and find something wrong. Well, I went from top to bottom on this humungous disc, 17 songs and over 70 minutes and every note is where it ought to be and every song is better than most other bands could even hope to devise. Its funk, it’s punk, it’s rap, it’s rock, it’s sheer, soaring bliss. A band at a peak they’ve never really lost.

I dare you to sit still while this record jams in your player. I dare you.

You. Will. Move. Guaranteed.

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