Ozzy Osbourne – I Am Ozzy

He’s been at it so long, and had so many unbelievable things happen to him, that it’s hard to get any real sense of Ozzy anymore. But this semi-autobiography is brilliant. He says right up front that he may not remember things as others remember them – he’s done A LOT of substances over the years, and had a lot of experiences he couldn’t reliably tell a court was true under oath. You’ve seen the TV show – how could you hold THAT accountable? But that didn’t stop him from putting this book out into the world, though.

Maybe you were a Sabbath fan first. Or maybe his solo career. Or maybe the TV show. Wherever in the decades you’ve entered the story, this book covers it all in a light, funny, engaging way. It’s like he’s talking to you personally – with someone else writing coherent sentences for him – as he tries to lay out how fundamentally bewildered he is that most of this has happened to him. And man, some shit has happened to this guy.

The self-deprecation wears, after a while, but the stories are so great it’s easy to overlook such small complaints. If you want to laugh out loud while reading a book, get this. If you want a serious book to add to the vaunted Sabbath Legacy, forget it. This is Ozzy pissing out the window and hoping he’s offering up something you might find valuable. It’s a lark, but it’s also one of the funniest books I’ve read all year (so far).

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