Yep, my birthday prezzie this year from my family is tix to see the ever-fabulous SLOOOOOOOAN, this Thursday night at the Meaford Town Hall! And they’re good seats, too!

This will be my 5th time seeing this most excellent band in a live setting. I also saw them:

1993 – Windsor, ON (Capitol Theatre – with Leslie)
1996 – Lindsay, ON (Edenfest – with Brian and Janet)
1998 – Waterloo, ON (Fed. Hall, U. of Waterloo – with Brian)
2003 – Saskatoon (Prairielands – with James. We met Chris and got a photo and autographs!)

They have come around a lot more times than that, of course, but these were the times when I had my shit together enough, the Universe smiled benificently upon me, and events conspired to co-operate with my actually getting to go.

And guess what, my boss totally surprised me – see, that’s a night I’d have to work ’til 8, and the show starts at 8 and Meaford’s a good half hour from here so, with no opening act I can find listed, I was sure to miss a few songs and have to walk in with the energy of the show already going instead of being there for that delicious initial rush. I was still cool with that, because I’d still be there for most of it. But yeah, even though I would have bet money I don’t have on my boss not letting me off early, she did! So now I get to be there on time and SEE THE WHOLE GIG!

I can’t wait to hear the new songs live. The Double Cross has been growing on me (even more so) over the past weeks. Not a bad song on that record.

I hope they play for ten hours. At least.


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