Rollins Band – Weight (Japanese)

Whilst in Toronto a couple of days ago, I scored this version of the monstrous and punishingly awesome Weight album. I love every track here. This is punk, metal, jazz… superb musicians at the top of their game.

But the real score was, as with most Japanese issues, a bonus track that I had no idea ever existed. The title floored me:




Oh, Rollins.

So I’m listening to this track, and it fits perfectly with the rest of the record. The slinky and howling guitars cut like liquid sword blades, the bass and drums locked into an unshakeable groove that, at high enough volume (which is the only way to play this) will pound your brain into happiness. Rollins’ delivery of the lyrics is his typical half-shouting, half-singing thing. The words themselves are also standard Rollins songbook fare – disillusionment, weakness, a need to get control of life. You know the drill.

Then, at the 2:40 mark, this absolutely HUGE riff comes stomping out of nowhere, on the heels of some time signature playfulness. It’s pure Sabbath homage. So awesome. And the song crashes to a close, as that same riff returns, with brutal efficiency. No extraneous notes here! The message is delivered, and now it is time to GO.

There’s nothing amiss with this track. It should have been an album track for all release versions. Interestingly, it never appeared on the Weighting release, which was to collect all the album off-tracks, etc. Hm. Makes me wonder if there’s more out there yet…

I’m sad that he never uses the word Mooseman in the song, and for the life of me I cannot imagine why the song was given this name, unless we’re to believe that this song is a story being told from the perspective of said Mooseman, but if so we are never properly introduced.

Whatever the case, Mooseman it is. And it ROCKS.

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