Sloan – Live On (promo single)

Picked this up from a used shop online. Apparently, they technically don’t sell these things because it’s illegal, so it was (probably) to their relief that I ordered it.

Nothing fancy, just the album version of the song, and a radio edit which removes a whopping 0:13 from the album version. I didn’t notice which 0:13 it was, exactly. I was too busy rocking out. Whatever, it’s a cool song. Chunky AC/DC-like riff, straight drum beat, and a cowbell! A monster in concert, and it fits the album proper perfectly too. Just a great Sloan track. Deserves constant radio play.

The packaging is standard jewel case (not a thin cardboard crappy one like some promo CDs), with period-matching ‘ghosting’ image of the band on a lovely grey/blue background, and tray sheet too. There’s a little booklet in the lid, as well. The only odd thing is, for a promo CD, it doesn’t mention which album it’s from anywhere in the text. Weird. I mean, as Sloan fans, we all know Action Pact like the back of our hands, but the exclusion of such basic information, when the producers, engineers and mixers get a listing, is odd.

Anyway, as a Sloan fan, I’m glad this artifact washed up on my shores… even if I technically had to participate in illegality to get it. Sorry CRIA, I won’t name names.

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