Ozzy Osbourne – Trust Me, I’m Dr. Ozzy: Advice From Rock’s Ultimate Survivor

As Ozzy ages, he gets more interesting. What, you say? How could 40 years of being on a bender be less interesting that what he’s doing now? Well, his has been an incredible life, no doubt. But I would argue that all those years drugged out of his mind have led to his current state, as some sort of media darling. The safe and tame media darling, who used to be crazy but now is just pretending to be evil… isn’t he?

It’s the only way a TV show like The Osbournes could have happened. And it’s the only way a concept like Dr. Ozzy could ever have come about. And yes, it seems obvious that someone else wrote the book after cobbling together Ozzy’s mumblings and rantings, especially the sensible bits. But who cares? There is actually some great advice scattered through these pages, if you’re looking for that sort of thing. But more pleasingly, there are tons of opportunities to laugh out loud, more than you would probably credit.  They should have called this book Advice From Left Field, because that’s what you get from him.

Same as when I read his recent biography, Ozzy made me laugh. He’ll make you laugh, too. Something that coked-out-of-his-ass Ozzy from the 70s would have been unlikely to achieve. Or, if he did, you need more help than this book can offer.


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