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OK, here we go. You see, my buddy Mike occasionally moonlights on his local rawk radio station as Le Brain, the un-stumpable rock music trivia master for a program called the Four Play (at 4pm). They play four songs and listeners have to guess the connection between the four tracks. Mike has, it turns out, submitted over 200 of these to the radio station so far. Yes, 200. So, he recently got invited to do a whole week (Monday – Friday) of these shows as a guest… with a twist… the tables get turned, and listeners submitted Four Plays to try to stump Mike!

The good man forwarded the tracks to me, and I played all five days in my headphones. In a row. Yes, I sat up most of the night. I heard much great rawk. And how did Mike manage, with these challenges? Read on.



Four-Play #1 (submitted by Chris Cottingham)


01 Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil

01 Mike’s Guess: ‘tracks that were not singles’ (no)


02 Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

02 Mike’s Guess: ‘bands that have toured with guns ‘n roses’ (no)


03 Bruce Springsteen – Cover Me

03 Mike’s Guess: ‘special lp packaging’ (no)


04 Loverboy – Working For The Weekend *

04 Mike’s Guess: ‘album covers featuring pants’ (yes!)


* at this point, before Mike’s last guess, it was exposed that the Motley Crue song was supposed to have been Live Wire, which changed everything, and he got it from there.


Comment: He still got it, even with a wrong song played. Improbable? Never! The man is a machine.

Score: Mike is 1/1.



Four-Play #2 (submitted by The Crook in Elmira)


01 Motorhead – Ace Of Spades (live)

01 Mike’s Guess: ‘artists who’ve done duets with Ozzy Osbourne’ (yes!)


02 Alice Cooper – School’s Out

03 Dio – Holy Diver

04 Lita Ford – Kiss Me Deadly


Comment: He nailed this one before the first song was even over. Jeez.

Score: Mike is 2/2.



Four-Play #3 (submitted by Kathryn Ladano, Mike’s sister)


01 Rush – Subdivisions

01 Mike’s Guess: ‘album covers with dogs on them’ (no)


02 Neil Young – Rockin’ In The Free World

02 Mike’s Guess: ‘all Canadian artists’ (no)


03 Guess Who – Runnin’ Back To Saskatoon

03 Mike’s Guess: ‘songs about Canadian cities’ (no)


04 Loverboy – Turn Me Loose

04 Mike’s Guess: ‘all artists who sang on Tears Are Not Enough’ (yes!)



Broadcasted live from Chicopee ski resort. This was not the Four Play that Kathryn had wanted played, so her confidence at being able to stump her brother was pretty low, at the outset. It shocked me that Mike had never heard the Guess Who song before. I thought everybody knew that song. Anyway. I actually got to hear most of this broadcast in real time through the web link, but had to leave for work before it was over. He gets it at the end. Awesome.

Score: Mike is 3/3.



Four-Play #4 (submitted by Greg Loutenschlager sp?)


01 Megadeth – Hangar 18

01 Mike’s Guess: ‘science fiction, aliens, conspiracy theme’ (no)


02 Quiet Riot – We’re All Crazy Now

02 Mike’s Guess: ‘books (1984, Roswell)’ (no)

02 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘stripey pants’ (no)


03 Iron Maiden – The Trooper

03 Mike’s Guess: ‘bands that opened for Sabbath’ (no)


04 Dio – Rainbow In The Dark

04 Mike’s Guess: ‘all four albums covers were paintings’ (yes!)


Comment: Definitely a HEAVY set, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And Mike nails it. So cool.

Score: Mike is 4/4.



Four-Play #5 (submitted by Nick Byerjean sp?)


01 KISS – Beth

01 Mike’s Guess: ‘songs that originated as b-sides’ (no)

01 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘no members of the band played on the track’ (no)

01 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘crappy songs from great albums’ (no)


02 Guns ‘N Roses – Used To Love Her

02 Mike’s Guess: ‘single monikered album titles’ (no)

02 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘songs with unusual percussion’ (no)

02 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘songs people think is about one thing, but it’s about something else” (no)

02 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘acoustic ballads’ (no)


03 Aerosmith – Angel

03 Mike’s Guess: ‘bands led by duos’ (no)

03 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘bands who shortened their name from something longer (no)

03 Mike’s Extra Guess ‘all are bands from America’ (no)


04 Slash with Andrew Stockdale – By The Sword

04 Mike’s Guess: ‘songs released in even numbered years’ (no)

04 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘all albums released in leap years’ (no)

04 Mike’s Extra Guess: ‘songs released in Canadian-hosted Olympic years’ (yes!)


Comment: OK, that was RIDICULOUS. Hearing him work through that last one was incredible. Even with all the extra guesses, that answer was from so far out of left field. Wow.

Other Comments: Kathryn tried to embarrass Mike by emailing that he liked Avril Lavigne, and Mike just said he still does. And he once owned the Spiceworld movie… He claims he had a thing for Sporty. No fault there. He cannot be shamed. This was also the first show where some random person phoned in with an extra Stumper question (which Mike got). I found it a bit distracting from the mission at hand, but whatever. Also, as you’ll have noted above, Mike was given a lot of extra guesses for this final day. Guess they really wanted him to go 5 for 5. 😉 The DJ also slipped and announced the Aerosmith song title and artist, the only time in the whole week he did that. Kathryn also threw in a guess, ‘all songs in Eb.’ (no). Others emailed guesses as well (another first, for the week). All were incorrect. It was also announced that the entire month of February’s Four Plays would all be from Mike, in honour of his contributions. Sweet!

Score: Mike is 5/5.



The Final Analysis


Mike OWNED this. He truly does have a breadth and depth of rock trivia knowledge that verges on frightening. It’s awe-inspiring. He’s a true fan. And he does seem to be able to think laterally and pulls some pretty wild connections together in a short amount of time. Wild. Thanks to Mike for sending me the tracks so I could hear his performance throughout that week. I hope they do this again, sometime. It was fun to listen to! And Mike, buddy, I’m surprised no one else said it, but you really do have a great face for radio. Ooooooooo!


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  1. Ahh yes. Good times indeed. And thanks for going to the trouble of transcribing the whole thing.


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