Hey Blue Rodeo! Which Is It?

One thing has always bugged me, Blue Rodeo.

Your classic I LOVE IT album is called Five Days In July.

Your song, the first track on that same album (and a BRILLIANT song it is), is called Five Days In MAY.

July. May.

LeBrain says they named it with July ‘cos that’s the month in which they recorded the album. James didn’t know, but guessed that maybe they needed to drop a syllable while recording the song? I don’t accept “artistic license” as an answer. That’s like saying “g-d works in mysterious ways,” which is a cop-out for not knowing, the religious equivalent of that old parental chesnut “go ask your mother.”

I have no guesses. But I know this conundrum has driven me crazy for the longest time.

So c’mon Blue Rodeo, which is it?

One thought on “Hey Blue Rodeo! Which Is It?

  1. mikeladano says:

    Yes it’s true. They called it Five Days in July because they recorded the whole thin in five days in July. It’s one of those things that used to confuse my customers a lot! “Is this the right one?”


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