Slipknot Mess It Up

I know you care about Slipknot. We all do. They don’t need to be the CD you hide behind the stereo when friends come over, you know. They’re not a guilty pleasure. They are a great band, be proud!

But they’ve messed up their Hits collection, Antennas To Hell, which just came out recently. Oh, the track selection is fine – excellent, in fact. I’m sure all of those songs sound great together, probably the mixtape most fans already have in their players, give or take a personal favourite here or there. No, they screwed up when the final release replaced a couple of perfectly fine album songs with live tracks and remixes. Now honestly, why the hell would you do that?

Mike says KISS have songs from KISS Alive that are the accepted version, over the album tracks. Well, that’s fine for KISS and those who enjoy them. Slipknot are not KISS. It’s a wonder they even live on the same planet, but there you go. And I know a lot of bands do this. The Essential Iron Maiden is another one that earned my ire… oh who am I kidding, the list of Hits collections ruined by live tracks instead of album versions is long and distinguished.

No, My Plague gets to be the ‘New Abuse Mix’ of itself, and Heretic Anthem and Purity get the live track treatment. What’s wrong with the original album tracks? NOTHING. So why replace them with these versions? Worse, the Deluxe edition of this set already comes with an entire live album! If you really want a live version, make sure the song you want is on there! Or tack them on at the end of either disc, as bonus tracks. But on the main Hits disc, for the meat of the project, leave well enough alone and have the album versions there. Honestly, people, is this really so difficult?

You’re not selling it to me by adding these other versions, you’re pushing me away. And you’re ruining your own history by using alternate versions.

2 thoughts on “Slipknot Mess It Up

  1. mikeladano says:

    Great percussion for sure. I like a little more melody and a little less anger in my lyrics at my age.

    Nailed it on this review though. Slipknot, I think, are not catering to you — they are catering to the people who already have that stuff but have a few more dollars to be milked out.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Percussion, yes! Actually, the entire thing is musically very sound. I sure do like me some Slipknot. And the thought of one CD that had all the songs you’d want to hear in one place… well, that got me all excited. And then… whatever this is. Ach, well.

      If it is a blatant money grab, it’s more likely that this was contractually obligated, and the label called it in. I doubt the band wanted to screw over the Maggots.


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