Up The Irons!

My buddy Mike is insane. Well, not really. But he is an album-reviewing mad-man. He just got done chronologically reviewing every single KISS album in anticipation of their upcoming new release. Yeesh. And now, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s gonna do all the official Iron Maiden releases too. Just for FUN! 

Well, I love this. I wish him all the best in his endeavour. And I will be following along as he posts them all. But I went one step further too. I said I would listen to every Maiden record along with his reviews, and post my own comments on his blog. This way, I get a ton of Maiden in my head, but also he gets comment traffic on his blog!

And because I am a lazy sod, I’m gonna cross-post my comments here t the KMA, along with a link to his review. In case all of you wanna read what I thought about all of this stuff. 

Cool? Cool! So let’s do it to it!

Put yer words here:

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