Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Now this is an album title I recognize.

All deference to fans everywhere, I was probably just tired and punchy, but I found that minstrel opening to Moonchild hilarious. So bad! Dickinson does OK with his full-on sing/yelling, but that bit there was pretty bad. Of course, after some synths and a slow build we’re off to the typical gallop. It’s an OK song, but damn that man sounds like he has a cold while he’s singing. Not a keeper, for me. Onward! Infinite Dreams starts off with an actually pretty little guitar line, and becomes a decent mid-tempo track that eventually takes off, as usual. Dickinson’s vocals are still doing nothing for me. Is he adding more vibrato or something? Or plugging his nose while he sings? Whatever. Can I Play With Madness is a song I know. Hell, doesn’t everybody? I like this one a lot. Has to have been a single. Am I right? I haven’t read Mike’s review yet.

The Evil That Men Do is another high speed rocker I’ve heard before. This one sounds like it could have been on an earlier album, and I found that refreshing. If ever there was a question about the template these guys use for their songs, by now it should be pretty clear. I’m not knocking it! I’m just saying. Next up is the title track, with its dramatic opening, wasn’t one that grabbed me. I think I know what they were trying to do – big concept song with a storyline, etc. But the vocals once again… ugh. I just cannot listen to that without cringing. Look, I understand that this is sort of the point with Maiden, right? This guys belts and warbles and everyone loves him. But everything except the chorus, here, was pretty trying, and this is a ten minute song! It’s actually a relief when it becomes an instrumental excursion. Whatever. Onward.

The Prophecy has an odd bounce to it, almost… swing! Lovely intro, mid-tempo beat, cool riff. But the vocals, again. I found myself wanting him to stop. Maybe this is just not my nght to be listening to this. It’s really not making a good impression, and all because of him. The music is fine, even with the synths scattered here and there. I might need to try this again, another day. Ah! The Clairvoyant saved it, for me. Whew! This is more like a couple of albums ago. I REALLY liked this song, it’s probably the best track on the record. But I had to wait until the second-to-last track to get it? Yeesh.

And they close it out with Only The Good Die Young? Man, this really disappointed me. Here I thought they were gonna cover Billy Joel! Hahaha. I’m kidding. It’s a very good song. If I heard it in a mix, I’d say ‘Hey! Maiden! Cool!’ On this record, it stands out as a better track, but if it was on other records this would have been lesser. And holy hell, what an intricate and beautiful middle instrumental section, and I liked the ending, as though it was not just the end of an album but also a concert. Cool.

So. Bottom line? It wouldn’t be the first Maiden album I’d tell a neophyte (like myself) to buy as an introduction. It’s still certainly a good record, but I really hope they put a leash on their singer for the rest of these records.


And now a real review. Mike!

One thought on “Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

  1. Heavy Metal Overload says:

    Awesome tired and punchy review of 7th Son. I like this album a lot but I can hear where you’re coming from with this. I found this one less immediate than it’s predecessors but it’s definitely a grower!


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