Iron Maiden – Rock In Rio

Right. Bruce has returned. Maiden has their energy back. We have a strong new record, so let’s make a live album! Brilliant plan!

Ya know, I was writing this up song by song as it played, like I do all the albums as we go through this Maiden series. I found myself writing “this fucking rocked!” for every song. So, here’s one to cover the whole album, OK kids?

This fucking rocked!

Every piston firing on full, the band in full flight. Total cohesive unit, and total metal mayhem. I was impressed that they played so many tracks off the new record (and they sounded like the classics, they completely belonged).

Absolutely glorious. I don’t know if it’s better that Live After Death (I’d have to go back and play that one again, after this), but it’s gotta rank high in Maiden lore as a stellar live performance.

Whatever rating system you use, full marks for this one.


A couple of days later: 

I went and found the whole show on the youtubes. Even better to WATCH it! Hot damn.


Here’s Mike’s more considered take:

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