Iron Maiden – Death On The Road

Alright, another live record. I suppose it’s interesting for the deeply invested fans. But, didn’t we just have a live record? Or is my sense of time askew because I’m going through these without having to wait for time to pass between albums? Aw, what the hell. It’s Maiden. At this point, just plug it in and let ‘er rip! There’s two discs here, so let’s jump right in.

Wildest Dreams’ lyrics still seem cheesy to me, but I love that they (once again) open the show with a song off the current record. And the crowd sure was into it on the choruses! My memory may be off, but this seems faster than the recorded version. Wrathchild, Can I Play With Madness and The Trooper all in a row? Haha YEAH!

Dance Of Death, here, comes complete with recorded voice intro and cricket noises. The crowd starts clapping along during the intro but that soon trails off. The guitar solo sections here are incredible. Rainmaker, another current-album song, also has a recorded intro. I have to think the band used spaces like these to switch guitars and whatnot. Anyway, this one’s another power-chorder with blistering solos. Sounds fine.

Brave New World really gets the crowd singing along on the repetitive chorus! I’d say they were into it. They also sang along on Paschendale, which is a superb inclusion here. I really liked this version, and the track is strong. Could be the highlight of this set for me (though I still need to hear the rest!). And rounding out the first disc is Lord Of The Flies, another unexpected track. Cool that they can pull out tracks like this and they sound like they belong next to the Hits everyone came to hear. Great to hear Bruce’s vocals on a Blaze song! Hey Blaze, see how he changes notes and adds inflection? Yeah!

The second disc kicks off with No More Lies, another current-album track. I don’t know why the crowd insists on clapping along with the guitar intro, but they do. Probably they just needed something to do with their hands. Anyway, as the song wears on, all I can say is holy hell, those guitar solos! Damn. So then they head straight into another three-pack of hits, with Hallowed Be Thy Name, Fear Of The Dark and Iron Maiden (cool to have a first record track!). There’s twenty minutes of Maiden fan orgasm, right there. And all of them are strong versions. Woo! And that’s the end, head to encore.

Then it’s straight into Journeyman, off the current record. Another deeper cut that I’m happy is here. Even cooler that it’s the gentle outro track. The crowd sings along on the instrumental bits, they’re right into it. And then, before you forget that Maiden came here to kick your ass with the rawk, they slam out The Number Of The Beast and Run To The Hills to end the show.

In sum? I liked it. A cool song selection and running order. Would have been a good show to see. Says the guy who has never seen Iron Maiden in concert, so really, ANY show would be good to see, at this point.


And as always, Mike’s review puts my meager efforts to shame:

One thought on “Iron Maiden – Death On The Road

  1. mikeladano says:

    Maiden live albums get really frequent from this point on. But they don’t rip the fans off — they always give you different setlists. To me that’s the whole point. Kiss play virtually the same songs tour after tour. Not Maiden!


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