Bidiniband – The Land Is Wild

Mike’s working backwards in his discovery of Bidiniband, first covering 2012’s In The Rock Hall. And now, today, it’s 2009’s The Land Is Wild.

Desert Island Poem has got to be one of my favourite songs ever. They’re skinning and cooking their drummer, worried about whether they’ll get to leave Drumheller (with a shout out to the Royal Tyrrell museum), a plane from Alert crashes…It all just resonates with me and my funny bone, and also the times we ourselves went through Drumheller… just perfect.

This is what I was on about last time, about the perfect Canada in the songs that guys like this write. It’s just endless, their experiences traversing this country multiple times, just soaking in the place and its landscapes and hockey and people, looking wistfully back at their youth, and letting it all come back out in beautiful music. All this, and anybody who can call it “Kwuh-beck” right before a freaking clarinet solo… Cool beans by me, man.

This feel, these stories, this LOVE carries right through the whole album. It’s in the insouciance and sharp elbow dig at what they see, in the acoustic and rawk tracks that are stirring and gorgeous, in the song about how terrible the song is, and all filtered through their hyper intelligence and awareness and a desire to see more. And more! And more!

I could go through this album song by song, but really all you need to do is buy it, play it often, and fall in love every time – just like I do. I fully recommend it.

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