Jay Arner – Jay Arner

I am going to write this as I hear the songs. In the moment. I’m gonna go all zen on Jay Arner. Ready? Go!

Midnight On South Granville starts out with a beat a bit like Mony Mony (with thunderstorm effects!) and then becomes an 80s-synth-pop tune of excellence! Bird Of Prey has the same synth sensibility to it, but sounds more updated somehow, I can’t quite describe why I said that, but I like the tune. Broken Arrow’s stutter-beat is fun, and everything sounds airy…

Nightclubs is more of a straight-on rock song, a nice break in the New Order feel of the other songs, yet still somehow keeping that feel. Sacrifice chugs along nicely. You know what’s coming to mind occasionally as I hear all this stuff? Belle & Sebastian. That’s a good thing! Surf Don’t Sink is just a great song title. The bass lines carries the tune, here, a great tune for just watching the afternoon go by.

Don’t Remind Me would be a great one in a club-setting concert. I can see the crowd jumping in time with its constant beat and anthem-style sounds. Out To Lunch flirts with sounding out of tune (appropriate!), and as it floats along it’s easy to let the day’s troubles go. I also love the guitar solo here, just jagged enough to break it up… Wildest One sounds like it could be a Blondie track, a peppy rocker that will stick in my head for days. And finally we have Emotional Whiteout, a beautiful bookend and companion track to the overall sense here.

This is an incredibly cohesive record. Played all together, it flows one track to the next and, while still giving the sense of individual songs, there’s a very real feeling of an overall picture being achieved as well. Then again, pull any of these songs by themselves and put them in a mix and they’d work perfectly, too.

Two thumbs-up to Jay Arner, this was a fantastic record which I can already will tell will only grow on me even more with the repeat listens it’s sure to get here in the KMA’s Ontario offices! And thanks again to the mighty Mint! You taste in music for release continues to be impeccable!

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