Black Flag – TV Party

Oh how I do love me some Black Flag. My brother-in-law got me this 3-song single (it’s listed as an EP, inexplicably) for Christmas. Hooray and thanks!

There’s much to be excited about here. First off, if my internet searchings are correct, there are three versions of TV Party on official release: the album version on Damaged (one of the best albums by anybody ever), a different version on the Repo Man movie soundtrack (I still need to get this), and this one from this single (er, EP, if you believe that).

It’s a joke track, no big deal. But it’s fun to hear a slight variation. It’s rougher-sounding, more like a demo. This is by far the longest track here (3:52).

Even better, this disc contains two other tracks that are (to my knowledge) not available anywhere else! Woo! I’ve Got To Run is a chugging blast of punk rock that builds, kicks your ass, and is on to the next thing in 1:45. And My Rules is another perfect-for-the-era track. It’s aggressive, it’s loud, it’s angry and it rocks. All in 1:10.

Honestly, these other two tracks shoulda been on Damaged. Maybe some day Ginn will release a Deluxe Edition…

Loved this disc. All 7 minutes of its entirety. Love love love.

4 thoughts on “Black Flag – TV Party

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah me too. Just one of those things, I guess. I made a project of getting all the albums, but the singles and EPs went on a back burner. And honestly, in the shops these things don’t tend to turn up too often. I know, I know, get them online. Thank goodness for Christmas wishlists!


      1. Heavy Metal Overload says:

        I was always the same, focusing on albums rather than singles and EPs. I’ve probably bought more of them in the last few years than ever before. I blame Mike! I sometimes see this one in the shops here. If I’d thought for a minute you didn’t have it I’d have picked it up for sure!


      2. keepsmealive says:

        Well, Lebrain is definitely responsible for a lot of “hey, I never knew that existed” or “damn I’d forgotten about that” search and purchase missions. It’s hard to blame him though. Let’s thank him instead!

        Man, I have a whole list of stuff I’m seeking. I never sent it to you (save for a few, like the Gowan) because it’s a slippery slope…


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