Attacking The Stacks

I am quite frequently on the receiving end of the largess and generosity of Mike, James and Scott, three finer gentlemen you won’t find anywhere. I have piles of stuff here from these three, and now that I’m pretty much through my Christmas loot from last year (just one more book to finish), I am going to be attacking the stacks as best I can.  And what fun it will be! So much incredibleness!

I tried to think of how to go about it, since there was just so much here, and I’ve decided that the only way to go for it is to just dive in. GIVE ‘ER! Of course. You knew I was gonna say that. So, the next while is pretty much all gonna feature selections from all of the greatness sent to me by this trio of beautiful benefactors.

Hold on to yer tits, folks, it’s gonna be one helluva ride! WOOOOO!

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