Queen & Paul Rodgers – The Cosmos Rocks

As I recall it, Mike sent me this CD because he found a bonus track edition he had to have. And if I also recall correctly, before that arrangements were made to get him a digital copy from the US. Fun times! And I am the winner because I now have this CD! I played it when I received it, and liked it a lot. It’s nice now to re-visit it…

Cosmos Rockin’, despite its wacky intro, is a great 12-bar bar-room blues. Hot damn. There’s a cool Chuck Berry-style solo too. Party song! Great intro… Time To Shine’s piano/vocal intro builds into a lovely mid-tempo ballad rocker. Total high-hat workout, though. The word that comes to mind when I hear this song is ‘soar.’

Still Burnin’ goes back to the blues with a very satisfying stomping lope. I always love slide guitar. They even (briefly) brought back the We Will Rock You hand claps! Fun stuff… Small is an acoustic-driven ballad that’s almost country. Well, new country. Until the chorus, anyway. The “I like to sit here in the sunshine” bit sounded amateur, but whatever. It’s a pretty song that’s well-done. Worthy of inclusion, better if it had different lyrics.

Warboys has a great shuffling beat, and a menacing rocker approach. This one would be fun in concert. But I couldn’t get Duran Duran’s Wild Boys out of my head, listening to this. I can hear it… Gah!… We Believe has a slow build that brings a message of hope and tolerance (can anyone sing this stuff without sounding like a tree-hugger?) that becomes a marching rock ballad with washes of guitars and backing vocals. Nice sentiment, but that stuff never plays well, with me. I like what he’s saying, but it always sounds smarmy. 

Call Me is a track I could really hear Freddie sinking his talents into, as it’s a happy little hand-clapper he’d have totally owned. Fun! Next is Voodoo, with its simple slinky riff that’s alittle jazzy, a little bluesy, a little rock. It really hinges on the vocals. I LOVED the guitar solo here. I told my son, as we listened to this in the car, that if he could learn to play guitar like this when he gets older, he’ll never work a day in his life.

Some Things That Glitter… well, “Once I loved a butterfly…” I mean, WHAT?!?! It’s a very pretty, piano-driven ballad, but the lyrics. Hooboy. It almost sounds like it’s built for Lite FM, or maybe Christian rock radio (though without the overt references in it), which is not a slam, just an observation… C-lebrity is unfortunately named, but the track brings the rawk. It’s a breath of fresh air after that previous track. Heavy blues rocker. Loved it. Nice old-school Queen harmonies.

Through The Night’s guitar intro is fabulous. More piano and slow-burner ballad. It plods a bit, but I suppose that was the point. GUITAR SOLO! Damn… Say It’s Not True is yet another ballad. It’s lovely enough, with country chord changes and odd vocal effects that negate the whole thing. Would’ve left those off, were it me. And once again WOW THAT GUITAR. The song takes off and becomes a full on rock crasher without raising its tempo. 

Surf’s Up… School’s Out builds into a harmonica rocker with great energy. Such a simple tune but still chugs along. The outro is a little odd, but there you go… And finally we have Small (reprise). I never understood reprises. I suppose it makes for a prettier ending (not like the ending of the last track didn’t try), and it gives them yet another chance to hammer home their message, but, uh, guys… we heard this before! Ah well.

In sum? I really liked this record. ‘The guitar is the champion, my friends…’ There’s enough here to keep an attentive listener busy for a long time. My meager words here have barely even scratched the surface of what I would probably write if I had time to start listing all of the ways it’s awesome. If you haven’t heard it, get it in yer ears. And huge thanks to Mike for setting me up with this complex and varied record!

You can also read Mike’s far-more informative and insightful review of this record RIGHT HERE. 



4 thoughts on “Queen & Paul Rodgers – The Cosmos Rocks

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha yeah that was a pretty weak moment. But there is so much that is right about this record. I can’t even begin to fault it for its occasional… smarminess. Is that Rodgers’ influence? I mean, the band is so tight and it all works so well, the words just… fail, sometimes…


      1. mikeladano says:

        Smarminess is a good word I think. I don’t know if it’s Paul’s influence or the band as a combo. I think this record gets a bad rap.

        Queen say they’re touring next year, no word on who they’re touring with.


      2. keepsmealive says:

        I just try to imagine Freddie singing that stuff, you know? I know you can’t go back, I know it is what it is now. I guess I’m a victim of still thinking of Queen as him too, you know. But good on them for still touring. No doubt they’re great musicians who deserve to be on that stage. Be interesting to hear what they decide to do when they head out.


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