Iron Maiden – Rainmaker

Mike gave me this single ages ago and it’s great. I’m definitely a late convert to Maiden fandom, but I’m here to stay.

The title track of the single, from Dance Of Death, is a decent track. Certainly not Maiden Classic, more of the power-chord rocker style tune. It’s not a criticism, I like it. Especially loud. Oh yes.

Dance Of Death (orchestral version) is interesting. The song still takes forever to get going (I recall that the album version was the same), but once it does it’s a corker. The addition of the strings really works, here. Well done. Bruce’s vocals are really all or nothing, and if you’re not a fan of the air raid siren, this won’t be the track for you.

More Tea Vicar is a recorded jam session (according to Wiki). Bruce spouts a lot of gibberish. It’s obvious it’s just laying vocals to see what can fit later, if they chose to use it. Oh dear, he raps a bit, too. It works as well as that time Henry Rollins rapped on that Wartime release. As in, not at all. Certainly an oddity, not one to make the mix CD for the car. It’d be easy to rip on this as a joke track, but it’s clearly just a work in progress. A wonder they released it.

I am very grateful to have this here at my house. Thanks heaps, Mike!


5 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – Rainmaker

  1. mikeladano says:

    Hey buddy I’m happy to give it a good home. I could have sold it on eBay for “x” amount of dollars or just given it to you. The fact that you love Maiden, appreciate the rarity and tracks, that justifies it. Besides if we were in TO and saw one, wouldn’t I advise you to scoop it?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Dude, if we were in Toronto and you found that CD, you’d probably throw it in my basket and say “Just Buy It.” And who am I to argue? Going through all of this stuff, though, I am astounded at the goodness you have sent to little ol’ me. Boggled. Huge thanks! To you and to Scott and James! Oh man.


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