Sunday Bloody Sunday

Been a weekend of busy, not a whole lot of time for listening to music. Yeah, you got a late-night piece (let’s not call it a review, right?) about an old radiohead record, but that’s been it. Really should just hunker down and write up several albums in advance, post them days out so that when times like this hit, you won’t miss us. I know how you need that sweet, sweet KMA in your Reader.

Alas, the only things I have to offer you today are random, unconnected bits:

1) for the first time ever, I heard Iron Maiden on the local (named after an animal, of course) rawk radio station. I’m no great radio listener. I prefer controlling what gets played in my car. I’m sure they’ve played them before and I just wasn’t there for it. But, for whatever reason, the radio was on and there they were. Run To The Hills.

And my brain went in several directions, including the thrill I always get when I hear this band, and the wonder that it is February of 2014 and this is the first time I’ve ever heard them on corporate rawk radio. It’s akin to the time I was driving our moving van to Montreal in the fall of 1999, and somewhere outside of Kingston I picked up Tool’s Sober on the radio. It’s so unexpected, in a playlist of BTO and Trooper and April Wine and Nickelcrap. So very refreshing.

But it’s all downhill from the Hills from here…

2) there has been much talk about KISS’ refusal to play at their own Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction. I can only shake my head. These people really are way past old enough to know better, and they can’t even get their shit together long enough to briefly do what they’ve been doing their entire careers, in a place that is only trying to recognize them for having done it. It’s weak. Yes, the RaRHoF is dumb, a joke. We all know this. So they won’t play. UNLESS…

Maybe they’re doing this to drum up interest. Maybe they’ll make it seem like they’ve suddenly found it in themselves to “make up” (get it?) or at least 11th hour make it seem like they’ve swallowed their differences and play anyway. It could be the plan all along. Don’t forget, these guys are the masters of promotion. Panic people that it won’t be happening, and then seem like heroes when (gasp!) it happens anyway… It could just be part of the show.

But know this: I don’t care, one way or the other. I really don’t. And surely there are those out there who know way more than I do about the situation and will tell me no way, it’s not happening. The issues are real. I still won’t really care. But if it is true that they won’t play at their own party where they’re the guests of honour, I call weak-ass lame on all of them. Suck it up, guys, and just do what you do.

3) Justin Bieber threw eggs at his neighbour’s house. It has come to this. This is news. It’s time for a break, people. If we don’t pay attention to these people,  they might just go away. 

And now, for the first time ever (I’m sure) in KMA history, I have just uttered the names Nickelcrap and Justin Bieber in the same post. I’m going to stop now before the Universe implodes.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Bloody Sunday

  1. Deke says:

    Well Eddie Trunk over at his site said that Kiss isn’t the big business in the States anymore as they do 50/50 co headlining tours with other acts….
    So yeah it could be the old ploy ..just like the unplugged thing…they got together they fell in love with $ and see ya Kulick/Singer…


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Not that anybody ever asks me my opinion on how things should go (call me, Gene!), I think KISS is going about this all wrong. Not just the catty crap. They should be playing their cards like elder statesmen, at this point. Turn the RaRHoF into a big love-in, have everyone there, hell, give them all a solo. It’s like they’ve been at this for 40 years and haven’t learned a damn thing. Sad.


  2. Phillip Helbig says:

    “And my brain went in several directions, including the thrill I always get when I hear this band, and the wonder that it is February of 2014 and this is the first time I’ve ever heard them on corporate rawk radio”

    Except for internet radio, I’ve never heard Maiden on radio, even though the stations I listened to played hard rock (and, to me, Maiden are more hard rock than heavy metal in the the difference between Maiden and, say, Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy etc is much smaller than between Maiden and, say, Kreator or Sepultura).

    ” Justin Bieber threw eggs at his neighbour’s house. It has come to this.”

    A blogger recently posted a video showing Fox News interrupting an interview with a member of Congress for a “breaking news” update on Bieber’s crime career.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks for chiming in, Philip! Yeah I was shocked to hear Maiden on our local corporate whore rawk radio. Maybe it was a fluke, someone able to slip it in there? If I hear them again I’ll let you guys know, maybe this upstart band called Iron Maiden is finally getting big enough to make inroads into radio… hahaha.

      As for what they do on TV, your mention of the update is only one of the many reasons I have not had a TV in my house since 1996. It just pisses me off. Well, our culture is evaporating and cannibalising itself as it goes, so I suppose we get what we deserve if we give those nimnods any time or space at all. It’s a shame, really. We could have so much GOOD in the world, but instead the spoils go to the pinheads. C’est la vie.


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