Four Horsemen – Nobody Said It Was Easy

Mike (our almighty Lebeard) sent me this disc and I was keen to try it. Ages ago, Mike had also given me their Welfare Boogie EP, which I also probably need to review in these pages. Anyway, I liked that one, so this was exciting stuff. So, are ya ready? Let’s give ‘er!

The title track kicks us off, and it’s a solid barroom rocker. Part of my brain really thought it was hearing the Black Crowes’ intro to Stare It Cold, but I went back and played that one and the similarities are there but just negligible enough I suppose that I maybe shouldn’t even be typing this sentence. Oh well, let’s pad the word count! It’s interesting, though, ‘cos this was a year after Shake Your Moneymaker, same label… Hmmm…

Rockin’ Is My Business is pure AC/DC songbook and it bloody cooks. I really enjoyed this one, especially after finally getting to hear a couple of those discs from our Heavy Metal Overlord Scott, recently. Tired Wings is already an album favourite for me. I love slide blues rock guitar, and this is a slinky funky beautiful highlight track. It’s a keeper.

Can’t Stop Rockin’ ramps up the pace again, which is the best thing they could have done after the brilliance of Tired Wings. Good track selecting here. This is a good old 12-bar bang out with a great guitar solo. Wanted Man wasn’t all that great. I mean, I guess they rhymed Mexico with Idaho, but if he’s such a wanted guy everywhere he goes, it sounds like he should just stay home. When the song finally does take off, it still sort of doesn’t, and I know that’s the point. This just felt like a toss-off track, to me.

Let It Rock is another AC/DC rocker, complete with vocals to match. In fact, I even double-checked the liner notes to see if this was a cover of an actual AC/DC tune. It’s not. Hot Head is another Crowes-ish tune (I hate to make the comparisons all the time, because it probably isn’t fair, but it’s all I can hear). It’s mid-tempo, and with those same guitars. The tambourine is a nice touch. 

Moonshine smartly picks up the pace again. The vocal effects were off-putting. And… sirens? Other crashing noises? Oh dear, they’ve figured out how to add sound effects to a track. Anyway, it’s a straight-on rocker, which even has the obligatory breakdown for live audience sing-alongs. The piano part was good here, but it should have been louder in the mix.

Homesick Blues is exactly that. More barroom rock that I believe would be really fun in a live setting. 75 Again brings back the speed blues and the AC/DC vocals. I turned it up and it got even better. Another ripping guitar solo. Cool track. And it goes right into Lookin’ For Trouble, which is so close to 75 Again, you could be forgiven for not noticing that the track number had changed. No matter, it’s another quick blast of mayhem. Go, man, go!

I Need A Thrill/Somethin’ Good is a great album closer. I Need A Thrill might have been a slower, ballad-like song until it starts to rock along nicely. It’d be a fun shout-along in concert. Then, around the 2:40 mark, Somethin’ Good becomes a lighter-waving concert, er, album closer track with full sing-along lyrics in effect. Nice. The only thing I didn’t like here was the abrupt ending with the sound effect of a reel-to-reel tape running out. I mean, really? Just fade out like normal people do, guys. Honestly.

In sum, this is a great rock record that pulls heavily on its influences. They really shine on the 12-bar blues tracks where they might get a chance to sound more like themselves. Still, there’s tons to like here. Pick it up if you can. Thanks heaps, Mike!!

4 thoughts on “Four Horsemen – Nobody Said It Was Easy

  1. Deke says:

    That’s right the guitar player and drummer with the sock!!!
    At one time the drummer (gamble) Darren Smith and Mike Hall were all in Helix at the same time when they made there way to Tbay …


  2. Deke says:

    This one and Getting Barely Good at Barely Getting By are classic Horsemen!
    One of the few acts of this caliber to make it to Tbay back in 96!
    Still got the tshirt with all the bars they played in Canada listed on the back many of which I’m sure are now parking lots like the Inntowner here in Tbay !!!!
    Buffalo Brothers opened the show and I think they are from your guys neck of the woods??! Perhaps …..


  3. mikeladano says:

    Great review! I’ll point out though that this album would have come out before Shake Your Money Make, but the singer Frank C Starr had to do some time in jail, delaying the album by like a year or more.


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