Gowan – Home Field

I have a Holy Grail search list, albums for which I’ve been looking so long that I’ve basically given up finding them. That said, on occasion I do find one, and it is a highlight of my music-collecting life. This 2004 UK compilation CD was on that list, and I recently found a reasonably-priced copy! In Sweden! And now it is here in my house and I am thrilled! 

I’m a fan of Gowan’s from way back. As a kid, I had the Strange Animal cassette, and I got to see that tour here in the town where I now reside, probably 1985. I was hooked. Got the records all along, and saw him twice more live, over the years. And I’ve never really given up on him. I do need to get more into his Styx work… Anyway.

Suffice it to say, as a fan, this collectible was a major score for me. Thrilled, I said earlier. Oh yes, indeed. 

It’s a pretty decent track selection, overall, weighing heavier on his later solo albums. Have a look at the track listing below, you’ll see what I mean. You know something, this guy has written a lot of great songs, and his voice is distinctive. One of a kind. I’ve been following his career since I was a kid of 10 or 11, and I still love listening to him today. A comp like this is a sure indicator of his avility and longevity.

This is a cool compilation of tracks because it doesn’t necessarily focus just on the hits (if it did, When There’s Time For Love would be period-correct and warrant a spot here, for example). I don’t always go for live tracks on a hits compilation, but I don’t even think this is a hits compilation. It’s just a neat collection, and it flows well enough (Make It Alone and Moonlight Desires sounds a bit dated next to the others, but whatever). 

This CD is a tough find at a decent price, but if you can get your mitts on this comp, I would definitely recommend it. Of course, I would also recommend you own all of the albums. And just so you know, I still have my old Strange Animal cassette. How could I get rid of a touchstone?


One oddity: He thanks “Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po in the credits. Ooookay…


For Those Of You Who Care: Nowhere in the packaging for this CD (or on the internet, that I could find) does it list the original albums from which these songs were culled. So, I’ve done the work for you. With annotations. Because I love you. Aw go on, you know it…

Track Listing:
innocent [5]
a criminal mind (solo live) [7]
pigeon [6]
wild summer night [4]
lost brotherhood (solo live) [7]
I’ll be there in a minute [6]
soul’s road [5]
the good catches up [6]
laura (solo live) [7]
moonlight desires [3]
your stone walls [5]
guns and god [6]
you’ll be with me (solo live) [7]
make it alone [1]*
healing waters **

Albums (with # of tracks included):
[1] 1982 Gowan (1 track)*
[2] 1985 Strange Animal (0)***
[3] 1987 Great Dirty World (1 track)
[4] 1990 Lost Brotherhood (0)***
[5] 1993 …But You Can Call Me Larry (4 tracks)
[6] 1995 The Good Catches Up (4 tracks)
[7] 1997 Gowan au Quebec (solo live) (4 tracks)

* from [1], but UK disc says previously unreleased on CD (in UK, I guess)
** tribute to princess diana (officially unreleased – previous to this, I presume?)
*** no studio versions included, but live versions from [7] appear.

19 thoughts on “Gowan – Home Field

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Well, the Diana song says it was unreleased. It may have been on a single though, I can’t recall. Valuable? To fans, sure. His records in these later years of his solo career are a bit harder to find sometimes. And this UK-only comp has never turned up in all my years (YEARS) of trolling every record shop I find, in all countries and provinces travelled. And not online for under $50, either. So is it valuable? To me it is! It’s one more piece in the Gowan discography!

      Now all I gotta do is find the live record, No Kilt Tonight.


      1. keepsmealive says:

        Yeah I seem to recall the single, haven’t seen one in years.

        I haven’t got any of his work with Styx. I WANTS IT THE PRECIOUSSSS though! Only so many dollars to go around. But I have the list of what he’s on, and one day I will get it all. Hopefully.

        I found a copy of No Kilt Tonight online. A real steal at $123.


            1. mikeladano says:

              I had to choose my words carefully. He’s not senile but he has been witnessed watching WWII documentaries on TV, wearing his American WWII army helmet, holding a rifle and hitting his helmet with his hands pretending it’s shrapnel.


        1. mikeladano says:

          Dude you have no idea. I’d bring girlfriends over to the house and he’d be watching TV. He’d be watching WWII, and he’d say, “Now Jennifer, you know what kind of rifle that German soldier is holding don’t you?” “Now you recognize that plane, right?” That was if he liked the girl I was bringing over. If he didn’t, he’d go upstairs and watch TV in his bedroom.


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