Triumph – Allied Forces

Triumph is one of those bands that I (probably unfairly) take for granted. Mostly I hear them through other people, or maybe on the radio. But I recently snagged a beautiful vinyl copy of this record and it’s really, really excellent.

There is a lot of thought and effort in this record, as there should be, but it’s very apparent to me. This is not your typical bonehead rawk. All the elements of the Big Rock Song are here, but there are also lighter moments of beautiful acoustic guitar, and even an air raid siren. 

I liked that the lyrics have some oomph* to them, and this really is smart hard rock/metal. I was working away here in the basement as I played this record, and whenever I passed nearer the stereo I caught some very positive messages, and that’s wonderful.

The vocals veer towards Rush’s Geddy Lee territory at times, and my ear caught a couple of Zep-ish guitar riffs, but hey, those were the times and those were the big guns and no one would ever say that this band is derivative of either – they are their own animal, and it’s an animal I would gladly let out of the cage any time. I will be playing this record again, for sure.

Two thumbs way up for the RAWK of Triumph.


* I’d like to believe that this may be the first time I’ve used the word “oomph” in a music review. But I could be wrong about that.

2 thoughts on “Triumph – Allied Forces

  1. Deke says:

    This is Triumphs finest work! I remember buying this when I was 15 and I mean like u said Huge Rock from the top down..what a firecracker in leading off with Fool For Your Love I mean if that doesn’t get ya moving they might as slap a D.N.R on ya!!!
    I always found that this is the Triumph that I go back to along with Thunder 7.
    Solid rock ….cool to see this one posted!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks Deke! Yeah I bought this to try it (it was $2), and threw it on thinking ‘OK this’ll be decent” and was quite blown away by this record. I just wish I was more conversant and could have written a better, more informative review. But then again, maybe someday Mike’ll review this record and articulate better what I was thinking when I heard this, and we’ll be all good!

      I have one other Triumph record here (1976, self-titled… I think Mike gave it to me) and hearing this one has made me want to go back and play it too, and soon.


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