Neurotic Outsiders – Neurotic Outsiders

This review appears now because there was talk about this record over on Mike’s kick-ass site, in the comments for another record’s review, and it made me want to play this again. And since I had the thing on, I figured I might as well write about it.  So here it is.

I picked this CD up ages ago, on the recommendation of Mike, our almighty Lebrain. He’s a big GnFnR fan, and when he described it, it sounded right up my alley. And you know, on paper, it sounds like it should be weird – Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols together with Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan of GnFnR and… um, John Taylor of Duran Duran? It all made sense right up until the Rio guy… but then again, these are professional, talented musicians so it’s my own damn mental block that got stuck on him being there. And as it turned out, he played just fine on this record. So there, stupid mental block.

Wiki also tells me that Billy Idol and Steve Stevens were originally slated to be in the band and, you know what, I can hear that too.

Anyway, all of these elements coming together (as they did) actually work really well. Interesting that McKagan moved from bass to guitar and let Taylor play bass. Or maybe not, what do I know about these things? Maybe McKagan could just as easily have played the drums. 

I like a lot of the songs here. It’s punk, it’s rawk, it’s fast and loud. I don’t think any one track stood out more than the others, it played well as a whole. I was working here in the basement and not really paying close attention to the lyrics as I putzed about, but I was hearing the music loud and clear. I’d probably want to go back (with the good headphones on) and read a lyric sheet before commenting on that content here. But I do know that the songs themselves sound great. This group would have been great fun to see in a live setting, particularly a smaller venue, even better if it were a bar. 

Shame that this is their only release, and that it’s now out of print. Some quick digging online shows you can still get a decent copy between $10-$15, and I’d say it’s worth every penny. Two thumbs up.


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  1. ” It all made sense right up until the Rio guy…”

    BWAHAHAHAHAH! Awesome quote right there!

    Review forwarded to T-Rev for his consideration. I enjoyed this, and I’m glad you did too. Regarding Duff, he switches from guitar to bass a lot, and as you mentioned even drums too. On his solo album he played a bit of everything.


    • Ha thanks! I call it luck if there’s lines in these things you enjoy. 😉

      Thanks for the forward. Hope T-Rev likes it.

      I haven’t heard Duff’s solo record. Worth it?


      • Duffs solo record I bought the week it came out and was quickly filed away…I mean who knows 20 yrs later I should revisit it..but compared to His day job(Guns at the time) it’s bad as i recall..felt suckered at the time….


      • Oh man that sounds like a challenge, like now I HAVE TO hear the damn thing haha


      • Half and half! His singing is a bit much to take over a whole album, and he unwisely put a couple really bad tunes on there (one jazz, one rap) that don’t cut it. Not because it’s jazz and rap, but because they suck.

        Having said that, there are some killer rockers and ballads on there and a couple guest vocalists — Lenny Kravitz and Sebastian Bach.


      • Yup. Adding it to the search list.


  2. Yeah man this is fine sleaze Ball Steve Jones Rock that your gonna fine anywhere. The ol cat pulls no punches on this one. This is a classic and yep total bummer it was only one release….throw us a bone and give us sumthin live …..
    Like I said over at Mikes….good to see John Taylor grow some rock balls for 40 minutes…


  3. This album truly is a diamond in the rough. I agree absolutely about how weird it “sounded on paper”…but a few songs in, you forget all that namby-pamby duran duran stuff. Angelina, Jerk, Nasty Ho…great fun! I think i am gonna go put it in the player right now!


    • Thanks for the follow and the comment, T-Rev! Hopefully I’ll get some more stuff up here that you find interesting. Dig the archives, we’ve been here since 2006. Gotta be something you can groove to. 🙂

      Yeah this Outsiders disc is great stuff. Deke said it best, I think, with ‘sleazeball.’ So much fun.

      Namby-pamby is a great term. Well-played.


  4. Always fun to read any review, thats the beauty of music. It interests me to see how music affects the listener. There is no right or wrong answer, just how it makes you feel, or how it makes you remember what you were doing in 1986! Or…? Unless that music is Nickelback…that is just dumb.



    • Well, that’s why we called the site Keeps Me Alive. Because music really does. It’s the go-to. Bad day? Balst some Slayer! Good day? Blast some Slayer! Ha. Anyway. There was also Black Flag involved… (I refer you to the About The KMA at the top of the main page, for more riveting details).

      This is a lifetime spent listening to music, and I see no reason to stop now. And I’ll keep blathering about it too. Woo!

      Have you got a site for us to check out?


  5. Alas, i do not have a site…maybe i should ? It would be nice to dispense my music musings on the world, on the other hand…it may turn into a bumbling shit show with me saying things i shouldnt. Writing cheques my mouth cant cash sort of thing. Bahaha.


    • Man, my efforts here have been a bumbling shit show since 2006! Damn proud of it, too. Im fond of saying that James, my collaborator on this site, is the one with the skills. When he writes, it sings. It’s smart, funny and always worthwhile. Whereas me, I’m like a bunch of monkies with a typewriter. I hammer away at the keys, a lot of shit gets thrown at the wall, and sometimes things stick. It’s all good.

      I infer from our friendly neighbourhood Lebrain that you yourself are a very knowledgeable rawker. Of course I would say you absolutely should have a site! It’s free! People will read it! There’s a good community starting here, join us! We have cookies! Haha. Of course, I understand not wanting to, too. For example, it changes how I listen to records. Instead of just enjoying the damn thing I am always thinking of how I’m gonna write it up. I could see how that would weird the process of enjoyment. As for cheques you can’t cash, I cannot help you there. 😉

      I meant to mention, too, further to the Duran Duran thing. If you check out the WOM site (linked in the Pluggery post stuck to the top of the min page), you’ll see Duran Duran’s hits set. I still listen to ’em. They’re another nostalgia trip for me. Wait, um, does this mean I gotta turn in my Rawker Card now? Haha. No seriously, that site (when I get it done, is everything I have here in my collection. Have a look! OK OK, shameless self-promotion over…


    • Until then you’re always welcome to take part in any guest shot you can imagine! Always happy to post your stuff….


  6. Hey, we all have “skeletons in the closet” of music! I was totally into duran duran as well (secretly, i love 80’s new wave…fuck, no secret anymore!). Another guilty pleasure for me is…dare i say it…George Michael. So much for my street cred

    Dont ask.

    And dont tell!


    • Haha they’re not skeletons. I’ve got a Fine Young Cannibals CD. For one piano solo. But anyway.

      I have George Michael, too. And several Lionel Richie. Hell, even one Mariah Carey record. And for each there is a reason. It’s all good with me, man.

      No Nickelback, though. 😉


    • Yeah but you were always able to explain your George Michael love in ways that made sense! I gained respect for him as an artist. Then we met Troy who loved WHAM! I still bug him about that one.


  7. Have you ever heard “Webb Wilder”? If the answer is yes, we could have a long talk about his music i’m sure. If you haven’t, we could have a long talk….wait…

    He’s great. Mikey may not even know that one!?


    • Nope, that’s a new one on me. Quick scan of Wiki makes me wanna know more, though…


      • Also, lemme know what you think of the new look. You’ve been here basically in real time when it switched. Good? Bad? Ugly? Loss of some function you preferred on the other one? I wanted to get the Search and Archives up top, where people can see them and maybe use them more. On the old theme they were at the bottom and way outta sight outta mind…


    • My big regret is not buying Doo Dad when we had 2 copies. I should have. That album had some good tunes on it.


  8. Thanks for not making me ‘wait for moderation’ or whatever the hell it is”..”
    Cool layout…


    • Oh there will be no waiting for Deke, not in this airport. Straight to the head of the line, Sir! 😉

      Thanks, I think I like the look, and it gets the Search and Archive up top for ease of use.


  9. Holy shit…i saw the website change and wondered what i did on my tablet?

    Webb wilder is an enigma. He’s bluegrass rockabilly, he’s 50’s rock n roll with modern equipment, he’s steve earle meets eminem. Worth a listen at the very least for a guy of your varied taste. Its just fun stuff

    Start with the album doo dad, which had the hit “tough it out” (a bit more polished album than his previous ones) and then work backwards if you like it

    He covers steve earle (devils right hand) and small faces (my minds eye) on some earlier albums…2 of my all time favouritd artists/ bands

    Small faces…fuck yeah.


    • Haha no that site change was all me. I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, the fam’s all asleep and I have some free time ‘cos I’m nowhere near tired… I’ve been wanting to swap it for a while. Keeps it fresh for the Readers!

      I will definitely check out this Wilder character. The youtubes seem to have a wee bit of it, that’ll be the gateway…

      I second your “Small Faces… fuck yeah!” As to why I don’t own any of it at the moment? Oversiiiiiight!!


    • “Wear glasses if you need ’em!”


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