Scorpions – Face The Heat

I’ll be honest: I really only know the hits of this band. So, this record that Mike, our Almighty Lebrain, sent me is a fantastic opportunity to get to know them a bit better. Let’s give ‘er!

Alien Nation sets up a brilliant intro riff and gives notice that we’re here to fucking rock. The whole song is just very, very big… No Pain No Gain crunches along beautifully. The weirdo noises in the background were distracting. But the vocals totally suit this song. It’s almost… Def Leppard-y? Is that even a word? IT IS NOW… Someone To Touch picks up the pace again, and doesn’t let off on the rock at all. This would be a great work-out mix track.

Under The Same Sun is the obligatory slow rock ballad in the mix. The touchy-feely ‘why can’t we all just get along’ lyrics like these always come across as smarmy. I’m not knocking the sentiment at all, I would agree with it myself. It’s just very hard to write a song about this stuff without sounding either strident, or soft, or both. It has a big, juicy guitar solo, though.

Unholy Alliance brings back the rock (thus fulfilling the unspoken rawk album requirement of following a ballad with a fast rocker track). This one is all muscular and slinky. They do this sound very well, indeed. Pretty sure this didn’t need to be a 5 minute song, when about 3.5 minutes would have sufficed.

Woman’s orchestral backing and long, slow build make this a certainty to be a concert showcase. It’s 2:45 by the time the band even comes in, and that’s a helluva scream at 3:17. This is a bluesy one… Hate To Be Nice brings back the rock metal standard with a great shout-along chorus. Funny, a few tracks ago he was saying we should all get along under the same sun. And now, here, he’s saying ‘the world out there is down and dirty, baby/and I hate to be nice.’ Bit of a wandering conviction, perhaps.

Taxman Woman has a strange title, but it happily rocks and swings at the same time. It’s a fun, bluesy track that, given enough volume, would still rattle the walls… Ship Of Fools is full-throttle metal perfect for movie soundtracks. It seems I always say that, at some point, but I call it as I hear it.

Nightmare Avenue keeps the pace very high, and sounds like Guns ’N Roses could have done a killer cover of it. Damn, this track and Ship Of Fools before it should have been higher up in the mix. Why the hell do we have to wait until the last tracks of the albums to get rocked this hard?

And finally, it’s Lonely Nights, a piano-acoustic ballad about how lonely it is now that his lover is gone. Oh boo hoo. Haha. It’s pretty enough, but quite repetitive. Fair play to them.

In sum? For not knowing much about this record, I’ve got to say that this is a collection of strong songs that gets better as it goes along. I liked it best when they jammed the pedal to the metal and let ‘er rip. I am super-glad I got this opportunity to take this for a spin, and so I offer up my huge heaps of thanks once again to Mike, our Benevolent and Supreme LeBrain. Woohoo!

6 thoughts on “Scorpions – Face The Heat

  1. Deke says:

    Ahhh well I like the song Alien Nation and that was about it!
    I dunno why but this one never took off with me.
    But I always do go back to Blackout and World Wide Live…
    Those two are excellent…..


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Awesome, thanks for the recommendations! I didn’t hate this one, and as I noted in my replies to Mike, it’s probably because I didn’t have anything else with which I could compare it!


  2. mikeladano says:

    My favourite tune on the album is Alien Nation. That one just crushes. But I think this album was only half of what they should have done at the time. It was a little weak in some respects. A few songs could have been killed off. Taxman Woman for example. Hate To Be Nice. Etc.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      See, that’s interesting for me to hear because I don’t have anything (really) to compare it to, so I can only take it at face value. I did think the album had better tracks at tthe end. Alien Nation is a huge one, agreed! Woohoo! I appreciate the perspective, though, because I was flying blind on this one.


      1. mikeladano says:

        This is in my opinion one of Scorpions’ last albums that had integrity. They tried to rock a bit heavier and that worked. The ballads are all good. I just think half the album wasn’t memorable enough. At the time I was willing to accept a half good album.


      2. keepsmealive says:

        That’s great to know. I knew Lebrain would have more detailed info! And see, from my perspective, I thought it worked well enough as an album in and of itself. I didn’t have too many times where I thought songs should have been left off completely. I just liked some more than others. I think my faves were Alien Nation, Ship Of Fools and Nightmare Avenue.


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