Poll Results Are In!

Alright folks, we have reached May 28, and that means one week has passed since the poll went up to let you, our beloved Readers, choose Aaron’s next series!

The results are in and finalized as of this post!

The breakdown looks like this:

3 – Beastie Boys
2 – Mastodon
2 – Tom Waits
2 – Baroness
1 – radiohead

10 – total votes

So! It looks like the Beastie Boys are what’cha what’cha what’cha want! And so you shall receive!

Thanks for voting, everybody!

20 thoughts on “Poll Results Are In!

  1. Craig says:

    Nice, I was totally unaware of this poll. I vote Beasties!!!


    Are you going to include all the early stuff and EP’s or just the albums proper?

    Pauls Boutique is one of my favorite pieces of music, regardless of genre.

    Looking forward.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks for your after-the-fact vote, which gives Beasties 36% (4/11). Your comment points up another consideration for next time – I’ll need to make the poll sticky to the top of the page, so it doesn’t get shuffled down in the list as the week goes on.

      As I said in another comment on here somewhere (don’t ask me where, though) I have all the studio albums, a couple of EPs, at least one compilation and some other stuff. It won’t be comprehensive, but it’ll still be fun! I’m treating the studio LPs as the meat of the project. The rest is gravy.

      Stay tuned!


      1. Craig says:

        They are about the only Hip-Hop group outside of Outkast that I have more than one album by.

        I had to listen to Check Your Head last night to get into the spirit of this’.


  2. mikeladano says:

    I chose Beasties 🙂

    I’m hoping you will do a variety of Beasties, from their EPs to their albums. I don’t care as much about singles and remixes, but they did some crucial EPs for sure.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Weird how radiohead came in behind Beasties, eh? 😉 Best part is, I think most of the people who voted in this thing are into the rawk. Why they picked a rap act when the mighty Mastodon and the killer Baroness were there too, I’ll never comprehend… Anyway, Paul’s Boutique is in the series. Be ready…


    1. Uncle Meat says:

      Without question The Beastie Boys opened my eyes to rap/hip-hop. My metal sensibilities never allowed me to appreciate the genre until I got into their third album Ill Communication. First of all they use samples geniusly and seem to resonate towards more old school choices like James Brown .. The Beatles etc. Also, Paul MacLeod is a huge fan of them…. I have watched him play several of their songs with him and just a guitar. In the last few years he has showed me little nuances within their songs that have made me appreciate them more. Also remember … they are a rap/hip-hop act that actually all play their own instruments, and have many very cool instrumentals…. including a full instrumental album. I am not a big fan of the first album .. But albums 2, 3 and 4 (Paul’s Boutique, Check Your Head and Ill Communication) are top shelf recordings.


      1. keepsmealive says:

        My intro to hip hop was Run-DMC and Young MC. Remember HIM? Haha. Anyway, I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan, but I have enough here to make a small collection. I prefer my rap to have something to say – I don’t go much for the posturing and the belittling of women. Also, I like funky as hell, and that’s the Beasties.

        There’s more than one instrumental album, The Mix-Up, and In Sound From Way Out which, if I’m not mistaken, just collects instrumental album tracks onto one disc. Don’t quote me. It’s been a while and I don’t have that one…

        I’d love to hear Paul play some of their stuff. I’ll bet they’re great. After all, Paul MacLeod = awesome. Man, next poll I put up, I’m gonna put his name in for a series!


      2. keepsmealive says:

        Paul MacLeod is a local musician (Mike and Meat’s town). We used to go see him play at the Walper Pub way back in the 90s. He’s had several albums, even played with the Skydiggers (we saw that tour!). He’s just this exellent singer-songwriter, a real knack for eminently enjoyable tunes you CANNOT get out of your head (not that you’d want them gone).

        I’ve reviewed some of his stuff, in these pages. Try the Table Of Contents under ‘M.’ 🙂


    2. keepsmealive says:

      Well let’s get our HMO all edu-ma-cated! Feel free to lurk, participate, get all fired up by my writing and run out and buy all their stuff… give ‘er!

      I have all the studio albums here (which will be the focus), a couple of collections (I can throw in when they come up in the chronology), and a few other odds and sods. Enough to make this an interesting series.


  3. Uncle Meat says:

    Wow … not an easy task. Especially if you are planning on doing it track by track … at atleast 20 plus tracks an album. Good luck . Interested in reading that indeed


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Im excited for it (or I wouldn’t have put them on the list!). Track by track is my modus operandi usually, but I’m gonna go by feel on this one. Oh, who am I kidding. I’ll have something to say about every track. 😉

      First review should go up tomorrow.


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