KMA929 Beastie Boys: The Series – Check Your Head (1992)

The Preamble:

I loved Licensed To Ill. I loved Paul’s Boutique. And I LOVE Check Your Head.

This record… oh man, this record is a bomb going off. A funky bomb. In your head.

Of course, there’s all the requisite yada yada right here.

And HOLY CRAP somebody went to A LOT of work for this list of samples.

The Review:

Jimmy James is damn funky, a superb intro track. I love that groove!

Funky Boss is a short, sharp shock of even deeper funk, and boy I guess they don’t like their bald-ass boss! Haha.

Pass The Mic is a cute idea, and a great song, but I also tire of it quickly. We know who they are. I get why they did it, but… Oh, and I also love it when he “rhymes ‘commercial’ with ‘commercial.’ Smokin’! Cool music, though.

Gratitude is one we all know well. That riff makes me instantly sit up and listen. This is a hit song, a mix tape track for me. Probably my favourite spot is “what’s gonna set you free, look inside and you’ll see!” That few seconds totally sounds like 1992 ROLLINS.

Lighten Up’s tribal rhythms and jazzy feel make it an odd track – and pure Beasties, of course. And what is that noise, a didjeridoo? The guitar is pure funk, though, and when the full band/sound kicks in, things improve.

Finger Lickin’ Good is closer to the old school again. I love when they rhyme “ain’t havin’ it” with “build you a cabinet.” Haha. The addition of (what sounds like) Eastern meditation music/sounds at 2:10 is fun. Wonder what they paid to have a snippet of Bob Dylan in the track?

So What’cha Want is a classic hit, what a stomper! Bet you’ll bang your head along with this one. “Yeah! You can’t front on that!”

The Biz vs The Nuge is next, I love this terribly-sung, half-minute thing.

Time For Livin’ kicks right in, and very quickly, the punk roots take over. A fun, loud rockin’ fist-pumper. Go go go!

Something’s Got To Give is a smooth, slow jam that sounds like they were just messing around in the studio and hit on it. And that’s not a jab or a complaint, I really like this track.

The Blue Nun cracks me up every time. “Mmm, it does go well with the chicken!”

Stand Together is a big track, great beat with cool riffs and effects on the vocals. I love the skronky saxophone in the intro.

Pow is a funky rocker that point ups up just how great these guys can be when they play their own instruments. It slows in the middle until the end, and that’s cool too.

The Maestro starts off with a phone message – remember when bands used to do that and think it was cool? This track is a total jam with those same bullhorn-effect vocals. Pure Beasties. Of course.

Groove Holmes is a sweet, Hammond organ-led instrumental jam of pure funk.

Live At P.J.’s! is a great 70s funk party track. Have I told you lately how much I love this record?

Mark On The Bus is a silly goof track and, short as it is it’s still a cool groove.

Professor Booty’s intro always cracks me up (the movie quote is The Wild Style, according to the internets, the pirate line… the track itself is pure Beasties insouciance and style.

In 3’s is YET ANOTHER great funk instrumental jam track. Oh man can this band ever miss?

Namasté is a late night wacky-tobacky session, and a perfect album closer.

In sum: OhmygodIlovethisrecord and ifyoudon’townthisyou’regrossbuckets and youneedtogobuyitRIGHTNOW! Pure classic. All of it.

NB: I even saw a re-release of it yesterday, sitting right there at the front of a rack in a shop. It has a whole extra disc of tracks! I want that! The timing of that was, of course, perfect. Like I said when I saw that parent at school with the Beasties t-shirt, it’s fairly apparent that the Universe really does want me listening to these guys right now. I’m happy to oblige.

Go get you some. 



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  1. I was saying the other day, I have one of the 2 CD Beastie Boys reissues, and it’s awesome sauce. Highly recommended.


  2. Fantastic album, love all the different things they try on this, especially the jamming on “Groove Holmes” and the CAN tribute “Something’s Gotta Give”
    These guys have great ears for NYC’s melting pot.
    “So Watcha’ Want” was my voice mail message for the LONGEST time….


  3. Cool,now this is where I need to get schooled as after Paul’s Boutique I have not purchased anything Beasties related!
    So I’m looking forward to this …….
    What was the ass kicking throwback 70s vid from this release?
    Was it Whacha Want?


    • Deke, if you love LTI and PB, you simply HAVE TO go buy Check Your Head and Ill Communication. This is not negotiable. Those 4 records go together in a big pile of awesome, essential to each other. Kinda like the first four Sabbath records. Or Ramones. You simply must have all 4. Anything after IC is up to you, as you’ll see when I get to them in the series, but you need to go, today, and get CYH and IC. Special edition or not. Just get them. Go, man, GO!


      • Alright man…will do,guess I will have to go and get these off of iTunes ….we only have one record store(HMV) in Tbay and they are pricey… iTunes for my is the best alternative ( I know people who hate it) but for me it serves the purpose as having 3 teenage daughters basically 4 women living In the house and with iTunes it’s a cheaper deal so I can get this stuff without screwing our budget too with u guys and these blogs with Mike scanning stuff I eventually can see everything .
        But man I miss buying actual copies…….


      • I’ll tell you what, Deke. You get your digital copies and, when you fall in love like I know you will, I will personally find physical copies and mail them to you. Mike and I are headed to Taranna this fall, guarantee to find them there, if not long before. You NEED these albums. I swear. Oh man. “Cos you can’t, you won’t and you don’t STOP!” It’s a Sure Shot, Deke. Daaaaaamn. We’ll get you hooked up.


      • Thanks man,u guys are the best!


      • OK Deke, send a mailing address to


    • The video for So What’cha Want is like this:

      I think maybe you’re thinking of the Sabotage video, off Ill Communication?


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