I stood in the shop today and had all three of the Zeppelin remasters arrayed in front of me. Ready for purchase, should I so choose. $15 each, so roughly $50 (tax in) for all three. VISA would have made it happen so easily it’s actually rather frightening.

They sure looked pretty. I fondled each one, read all the track listings on the backs. I seriously contemplated just buying them and being done with it.

But I hesitated.

Why? I’m enough of a fan of Zeppelin that these should be interesting enough to me to just buy them. They certainly would be pleasing.

But my thinking went like this:

I already own all the albums. Non-remastered CDs.

I have a few of them on original vinyl, too.

I also own both remastered box sets (the crop circles set and the little black box of the second set).

It seemed silly to buy them again, thus owning the tracks of the albums three times over. Yes, it’s a new remastering job, by Page himself. Well, so were my box sets. And yes, you get the stuff on the extra discs.

And therein lies the rub. Those extra discs are all I really want, if I were to be fully honest. I’m not certain I’d notice any difference between the remastering jobs on the albums. Maybe I would, who knows, but my guess is that my untrained ears likely wouldn’t notice at all. But I am quite curious about all the extras.

I wish they would sell just the discs of the extra stuff. Separately. Now those, I would buy. Alas, I did not see that option in the store.

So let’s give it a poll, shall we? Vote and let’s see what happens!


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  1. They more I think about these the more I think I’ll probably get them. But I would say that you don’t “need” to buy them if you’re happy with what you’ve got. I’m not finding the bonus tracks all that compelling… seems to be mostly rough mixes on 2 and 3. I think you’re probably a bigger Zeppelin can than me so I suppose you just need to decide how much you want or need those extra tracks. If you really want them I don’t think the sets are overpriced.

    I’m no audiophile but I’ve never been all that happy with the sound of my CD copies so the remastering is a plus point for me.


    • Mike will know what I went through even just buying the box sets. I was so used to the unremastered discs… the track listing messes me up, too. Just so used to the albums. But I don’t generally care for remaster jobs. I think I may be known for this.

      I don’t know if I’m a bigger fan than you – we’ve never had that conversation!


  2. If I was gonna by any of the three it would be the debut just for the live show included.
    I bought the two box sets (1990&1993 release ) I just can’t keep going back to the Zep well ever so often.
    But the debut I would rebuy and well Physical Graffati depending what’s on that one as well……


  3. And who knows down the road Page will probably release a box set of the second disc material from these reissues!
    Give it some time man……


  4. I will definitely be buying all the Zep reissued in 2 CD sets.

    Even though I have all the albums twice over.


  5. It’s hard for me to be objective since Zeppelin has been my favorite band for 35 years, so of course I need to get the super deluxe box set editions of each album. I’m waiting to get them from my wife, who pre-ordered them for my birthday, so I have to hold out for another few days. Had these been straight reissues with no bonus material I would have given you permission (as if you needed it) to skip them, but with that extra content and considering they’ve been overseen with loving care by Jimmy Page, I’m looking at these as the definitive statements so you really should reconsider. I’m guessing if you wait a few weeks the prices for the non box sets will drop a bit.


    • “I’m looking at these as the definitive statements”

      As someone that’s not particularly happy with his CD copies I find that a pretty compelling way of putting it. I’m not a mega-Zep-fan but the more I think about it… and the more I read everyone’s comments… the more I want these.


      • Interestingly, since posting this morning I have 6 votes:

        3 – don’t need them
        2 – buy them
        1 – undecided


        • I voted “don’t need” but, I think I was over thinking things as usual. I thought that your didn’t “need” them in the sense that I’m sure that your Led Zep enjoyment would continue quite happily without them. But Rich and Mike are winning me over with their enthusiasm so it would be hypocritical of me to say don’t buy them when I just did! What can I say? I’m flighty. Can I vote again?


      • I’m glad to be among those who might sway you toward purchasing these reissues. Considering how infrequently Zeppelin’s catalog has been re-packaged compared to many other artists, I think it’s a safe bet that you’ll be happy with them (and I’m saying that as someone who hasn’t even heard them yet…waiting for them as birthday gifts is really testing my patience).


        • Thanks Rich. I think you’re right. I know there has been live stuff and the odd compilation but it’s a long time since they’ve embarked on a reissue campaign like this. I’m just home with my copy of III now. They were playing II in the shop when I bought it and it sounded righteous!


      • You mentioned “definitive statements.” I wonder. Sure, there’s unreleased stuff, but was that ALL of it? Even if he says it was? Or will there be another reissue ten years from now, when he needs more millions?

        It’s like all these 20th anniversary releases. First off, why not wait for the 25th? Because they can get you to buy it at 20, and again at 25! I’m turning into a cynical old man, probably, but I wonder how definitive this Zep release is. Yes, it’s nice to have that stuff, and the remastering is probably nice enough (though you’d probably need a better stereo than mine to tell the difference). Anyway, you can either tell me I’m crazy or, years from now, I can say I told you so. 😉


        • I don’t think you’re crazy if you don’t want them. Everyone has different reasons for buying stuff. There are so many albums and reissues coming out I think you have to decide on your own rules for what you’re going to buy or avoid.

          For me it depends on how happy I am with my current edition and how appealing the extras are. With Zep the extras are pretty good and I’m really not happy with my current CD copies so it makes sense for me to upgrade. If another “definitiver edition” comes out in 10 years then I’d be less likely to buy that (unless the extras were irresistable) cause I’ll presumably be happy with having these new ones in my collection. And even then if they are reissued in 10 years then that’s plenty of time for me to get my money’s worth out of these editions.

          But I have noticed a lot of reissues of reissues coming out now like you say. Different anniversaries being exploited! It’s diminishing returns for the most part and I am reluctant to buy reissues if I’m happy with the version I have. In general I’d rather hear new music and new bands.

          But with these Zep, I’ve been wanting better editions for ages. My main consideration was trying to figure out if I still even like them or not! I did really enjoy listening to LZIII last night and it sounded much better than my old copy.


      • Oh, I WANT them. But I was questioning if I need them. Especially given my limited budget, and so many other new releases catching my eye, at the moment.


    • Yeah, no. I don’t know. If you have all of them already then I don’t think you do need them.

      However, from all reports these sound fantastic, I don’t think I would get them all, II, Houses and Physical Graffiti most definitely. The others? Maybe eventually.

      TJM, YMMV.


    • Happy Future Birthday, Rich. Hope the SDE’s get to you soon and in great spirits.

      Play ’em loud for Bonzo!!


      • Thanks, Craig. I’ve been more patient about these than I expected. Maybe it’s my advanced age (I’ll be turning 48 on Saturday). Haha. I’m really looking forward to playing the vinyl versions first. Even though I have a clean copy of all of their LPs, they’re all ’80s pressings and I’m sure the new versions on high quality vinyl will sound significantly better.


      • Indeed they will, especially if they’re 180g.


  6. For the vinyl copies I think it is worth getting – it’s hard to find good copies for the same money. For the CDs? Less compelling I think. Spotify has them – you could stream them.


  7. The first time I really heard Zeppelin was off of a tape a friend dubbed and he lent it to me to listen to Rush on the other side. I put the tape in expecting Rush and heard Whole Lotta Love instead and it changed my life. So no matter how it gets remastered or repackaged for me personally, nothing will ever top the experience of hearing that song for the first time on a crappy tape on a cheap boombox. I’m not an audiophile obviously, but you get the idea.


    • Oh totally, and I appreciate your comment! It was actually on a crappy old redubbed cassette that I first heard Licensed To Ill. With Born In The USA on the other side of it. Those first listens are formative. Very important!


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