Just Maybe…

So we were at the mall today. I hate the mall. I know, I know, I’m only setting a scene but I really do despise shopping malls as a blight on our society. Anyway. We were there to get a gift for our son to take to a little friend from his class at school’s birthday party. I do like toy stores. They don’t have to be in suck-ass malls, though. Sigh.

The point! I had a point… oh yes, the mall has a music store. And I had occasion to stand in front of the New Releases rack, as is my wont. And there they were. The Zeppelins. The very pretty I, II and III. With companion audio. $15 each. Now, I know I posted here earlier that I was waffling about buying these. I own all the CDs (unremastered). I own the two box sets from the early 1990s, so I have remastered versions already (even if the track ordering disorients me every time). I don’t really need them, I don’t think…

Except for those damned extra discs. Especially with the debut album, that live in Paris 1969. That would be sweet. There was a song on III called something dumb like Bathroom Sound, or the like. I dunno, man.

Anyway, I’m rambling. The point is I had them all in my hand for the second time, and it would have been so freaking easy to walk them over to the counter, pull out the VISA and have them for my collection, just like that… and…

This time I was actually tempted to do so! Why? Because I am a collector geek and I know I would enjoy them and they would be that sort of thing I’d always wonder if I should have bought them (if I didn’t) and then next year they’ll release more and I’ll be too far behind to catch up, financially, and then I’ll start to regret my dumb ass decision to not buy them when I could have and then it’ll become another whole THING… and it really needn’t.


Did I buy them today?



I was under orders.

You see, Father’s Day is coming. And also my birthday in July. So… I might maybe be getting them anyway? I have no way of knowing. But if I was told not to buy them, it might bode well…


PS: I was also sorely tempted by the new Neil Young album (the one recorded to sound old, all the cover tunes including Lightfoot and Nelson, that Jack White helped with)… A Letter Home is its name.


PPS: And when it comes out, I really wanna buy the new Jack White album, Lazaretto. I loved Blunderbuss. This one is a must, though I’m intrigued by the vinyl, it’s the first release of its kind in the world – the LP plays at 33 ⅓, but under the label on both sides are extra tracks: one side is 78, one side is 45, so it is the first LP in the world to have all vinyl formats on one platter. Jack White is so fucking cool. CHECK IT OUT


NB: I was under orders not to buy either of these CDs either. Impatience, you are not my friend.


So did I buy anything? Yes, I did. I got my mother a Sgt. Pepper pepper mill, probably one of the coolest marketing things I’ve seen in ages. I mean it’s a no-brainer, a natural. And besides, my Mom’s a Beatles fan, and will definitely get the joke. And it was on clearance, 75% off, so I really would’ve been dumb to leave it.


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  1. I bought 3 like I said. Been enjoying it so 1 and 2 are on their way. Hope they’ll arrive on Monday. Stuck with the 2cd editions but I’m tempted to get some of the single vinyl editions too cause they look great.


    • I know, the vinyls are great too, but no extra stuffs with them. Another commenter on here (I can’t recall who) said they’d be worth it just because it’s hard (or expensive) to get good vinyl copies of Zep, and the 180g would be so sweet.


  2. Yep Father’s Day is coming and if your wife has been reading your posts that twice in a week you held the ZEPS with plastic in hand and backed off and one of those times came under orders..than ahem…I think it’s looking good for u brother!


    • Well, since I’m easily Father Of The Year (haha), I’d wager that warrants all three of them! Right? Right! Oh who knows, my lovely wife’s funny. She’s always wondering about gift ideas for me, but I prattle on about cool albums to get all the time so it oughta be easy, right? Nope, I think it all blends together in her head, so clear ideas closer to the time (like HEY LOOK AT THESE ZEP REISSUES) are way better. 🙂

      Did you send a mailing address? It mighta been spammed, I’ll check again…


  3. FUCK I love Jack White’s crazy vinyl love. The man is a freaking genius for that stuff. I would want that. Except I can’t play 78.

    OK, so here are my thoughts on the Zeps: Yes, those are great prices. But they will be on sales somewhere within your grasp pretty much at all times from here to Christmas. You don’t have to rush the decision if you don’t want to. In fact I suggest you hold off anyway, because my birthday’s coming, and I’m bound to get one of ’em, and when I do…review time.


  4. Thanks enjoyed the perennial record buyers dilemmas. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.


    • Thanks for checking us out, Thom! Oh man, on a limited budget I must be selective. As I’ve said to our illustrious and all-knowing Lebrain many times, “given unlimited funds, we could own SO MUCH!”


  5. Jings! I had absolutely no idea that Jack White’s new record was so awesome. That’s just jumped to the top of my wishlist (though I also have no means to play 78s). I should say at this point that I wasn’t a fan of the White Stripes (oooft!), but dig Blunderbuss immensely and love his enthusiasm for ol’ music and vinyl. Good on him!


    • I highly Approve of anyone and everyone digging into White’s output. You should check out his long history of cool rleases (like tying VERY limited editions to balloons and letting them go, free to whomever found them). The Dude played in a parking lot. The Stripes played on a city bus and in a bowling alley while touring Canada. And so on. You might think he was trying to be different, and you wouldn’t be far off, but I’d say he’s also just got a knack for being the fucking MAN. I hope you get the record, and love it! The first single’s up on the youtubes, if you wanna go fill yer ears… DIG IT!


      • Oh aye, I like that a lot.

        I used to think he was just a tad pretentious, but you can let that fly when he digs it, y’know? There’s no pretence, he’s just totally into it and I have no issues with that. Like you say, he’s got a knack for being the man.

        I’ll be picking this up.


      • Me too! Or… will it be gifted to me? Hmm… either way, it’s a win.


  6. Women don’t pay a Whole Lotta Luv attention to what we say…. one birthday I was presented with Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboys” in place of Captain Beefheart’s “Bat Chain Puller” 😦 She was so proud she had gone through my records to see if I had it first.


    • “And here’s the 3-2 pitch to end the inning and… Juuuuuuuust a bit outside!”

      Man, those two things are nowhere near the same. Haha.


    • Hey man, I got nothing against Elton, especially early Elton. He just is what he is, and a genius piano player. But you don’t want him when you’re jonesing for the Captain…

      I think the best left field gift I ever got was when my lovely wife gave me Dropkick Murphys for Valentines Day. Love her so much.


      • Dropkick Murphys would be a great gift. I now tell everyone “just get me a card” so I no longer have to pretend that I wanted a third copy of Seger’s “Hollywood Nights”
        Agree, Honky Chateau & Yellow Brick Road are excellent albums, just a little too MOR for me.


      • Fair enough. I have quite a bit of Elton here (mostly vinyl), and the earlier you go, the better it gets. Ain’t that always the way. Anyway, I wish I could help you with your Seger dliemma but i just don’t know how to stop the madness.


      • Sadly, that’s going back too far for my own collection, but I am with you on that one. Love to hear that. LOVE.

        LJB also featured large in the Rod Stewart history. I read the book. He was there in the formative years. You knew that already.


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