Happy Happy Father’s Day To ME

Recently, I was waffling about whether or not to buy the recent Led Zeppelin re-issues. I even put up a friggin’ poll about it.  I have also been keeping my eye on several other new releases (Jack White, Neil Young, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, that new Off! record that came out a while back , amongst several others) in the pipeline recently, so it’s a tough time for me. When it rains, it pours.

As you’ll no doubt recall, I was instructed by my lovely wife to not buy anything for myself, because Father’s Day was approaching (yesterday), and my birthday will be in July. If I tell her things I like, she can use that as a shopping list so my buying things now would eliminate her opportunities, etc etc. Telling her there’s no end to the list of music I want and she only needs ask me does not help. Around major events like this, I’m summarily prevented from music purchase. Aw, man!

This all requires an incredible amount of restraint (as you can imagine, since you’re reading this blog). My reflex is to pick up the album I’m after! I’m sure you understand. But I have been good. Discplined, even! I have not bought any of the albums I would otherwise have considered, and this deserves commendation (surely).

And then! Yesterday was Father’s Day.

Our son made me a beautiful card, our daughter gave me a wonderful two-year-old daughter hug, and in the gift was two CDs that have me vibrating with excitement!

Neil Young – A Letter Home

Jack White – Lazaretto

So! It really was a Jack White (and Jack White-related) Father’s Day for me! Sweetness. I am very, very excited. And of course I will be reviewing both of these albums in the coming days. I need to hear them properly and digest them, and I also need to finish the Beasties series…

Now, the Lazaretto I’d been eyeing on vinyl, because it is an awesome and beautiful thing [From Wiki: “The limited-edition “Ultra” LP features hidden songs, secret grooves, and holograms that materialize when the record is being played.”] Oh baby. And my lovely wife, bless her heart, did a pre-order on Amazon for this gift a while back, and she swears up and down she did not see a vinyl option for the album when she placed the pre-order. It was CD only, as she saw it. So, CD it is, and it’s gonna kick some serious ass around here. I may still go looking for the vinyl at some point, for the collectibility of it, but I can hear the whole damn thing RIGHT NOW and this all fills me with glee.

And the Neil Young is going to be so great. Of course it is. If you clicked that link for it, above, you’ll know why this is a sweet, sweet disc. Not to mention I’m a big fan anyway, so it was already a shoe-in.

My huge thanks to my family, especially my lovely wife. I’VE GOT NEW MUSICS!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Happy Father’s Day To ME

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah! My lovely wife was listening to me blather endlessly! Or maybe just tuning in when recognizeable names popped up, then tuning me out again as I went on and on… She’s a brave lady, I’ll giver her that.

      Nah, she knows I love the tunes, and albums make perfect Aaron gifts. Easy to wrap, and mucho enjoyment factor! 😉


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