Beer Thousand

James sent me this link, and I thank him for it muchly. You see:

Prodigious beer guzzlers (and one of my all-time favourite bands) Guided By Voices are getting their own beer! 

Now, the rest is simple. Aaron wants some. A six-pack, even a single bottle. It matters not. But I must have it.

I also want that 10″ record very, very badly. Like, REALLY so very, very much. And then a whole lot more than that. Simply put, I MUST HAVE IT.

The article doesn’t say, but I’d have to (probably safely) assume that this will only be available in the United States?

To the person who can get this for me, this fall, I offer immediate cash monies reimbursement but, more than that, I offer my undying gratitude. UNDYING. That’s a lot.


Thanks for the heads-up, James!

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