iTunes: On Random Play, Pt.2


Well, maybe not, per se, but it looked funny typed up there at the top…

All I meant was that, in the interests of experimentation, I would try another 25 tracks (out of almost 33,000) on iTunes’ shuffle play today, see what it did. I did turn the shuffle on and the off before turning it back on and starting the mix…

Interestingly, about every third track, it kept trying to take me to Tom Waits’ Mule Variations. I think iTunes just really wanted to hear that one tonight.

Once Again, album is [in brackets].


01 Big Rude Jake – Speak Easy [Big Rude Jake]

02 Faith No More – Blood [Introduce Yourself]

03 Aretha Franklin – Respect [Forrest Gump OMPS CD1]

04 Immaculate Machine – Bateau Brisé [Les Uns Mais Pas Les Autres]

05 Steven Page – Leave Her Alone [Page One]

06 Drugstore – Old Shoes [Step Right Up: The Songs Of Tom Waits]

07 Guided By Voices – Surgical Focus [Human Amusements At Hourly Rates]

08 Slipknot – Opium Of The People [Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses]

09 Brian Setzer Orchestra – (Everytime I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone [Guitar Slinger]

10 Herbie Hancock – Maiden Voyage [CBC’s After Hours Blue Note Collection]

11 Diana Krall – Here Lies Love [Glad Rag Doll]

12 Johnny Cash – I Hung My Head [American IV: The Man Comes Around]

13 Wynton Marsalis Septet – The Seductress [Live At The Village Vanguard CD4]

14 ZZ Top – Goin’ Down To Mexico [Rancho Texicano CD1]

15 Weezer – Say It Aint So [Absolute 90s]

16 Jake Bugg – Messed Up Kids [Shangri La]

17 Gob – I Want You Back [Team Mint compilation]

18 Rolling Stones – Paint it Black [Hot Rocks 1964-1971 CD1]

19 Jack DeJohnette – Nine Over Reggae (Parallel Realities]

20 Circus Devils – Just Touch Them [Five]

21 Norah Jones – Lonestar [Come Away With Me]

22 Neil Young – Here For You [Prairie Wind]

23 Sergei Rachmaninov – Piano Concerto #4 in Gm Op.40 -3 Allegro Vivace (4 Piano Concertos]

24 Nirvana – Aero Zeppelin [Incesticide]

25 Tragically Hip – When The Weight Comes Down [Up To Here]

In sum:

Man I love that Hip song. The guitar solo run totally reminds me of Platinum Blonde. Haha.

As for randomization? Pretty damn good this time. This mix was a bit all over the place, but that’s to be expected.

This is fun!


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  1. No Danzig. No Manowar. No point. Surely iPods should come with those bands as standard?

    Liked by 1 person

    • My MP3 player came pre-loaded with all the Sabbath albums.

      No, it didn’t…but that was the first thing I loaded on it!


      • No mp3 player is complete without Forbidden!


      • My first mp3 player got loaded with all the GBV. So awesome.


      • I do not have forbidden, so therefore I am incomplete? Oh dear.


      • Noooooo you don’t need or want Forbidden!


      • Wait, you mean Black Sabbath Forbidden, right? ‘Cos if so, yes I do need it. It’s a goal of mine to have all the Sabbath records, one day!!


      • Well then I definitely want it. I accept the challenge of it! I just looke dat the Amazons, though, and it’s about $40. Suuuuucks.


        • YIKES. We used to sell it for about $10.99 used.

          The Japanese version has a bonus track. But that bonus track is also on a compilation CD called The Sabbath Stones. I recommend that CD, because the bonus track (Loser Gets It All) is the best damn tune on the album!!!


      • Ah, on Discogs it about half that.

        Man, I need everything after Born Again. Gonna be a while, methinks, to colect them all.


      • Cool. Me, I’m gonna want all the individual albums. I’m like that.

        I will seek out that comp, thanks for the tip!

        As for the rest, I’m gonna try to binge in Taranna this fall.


        • I enjoy the comp even though I have all the albums too. I enjoy it because for the most part, I like the track selection and it makes for a good listen.

          TARANNA! Dude I can already smell the music.


      • That comp could be a good interim disc, until I get the albums. I WILL have all the albums after Born Again. Studio albums forst, live stuff later. I managed to get all the Maiden (and they’re all great) and now it’s time to finish off Sabbath. One look at the WOM for CDs should give an indication of the Sabbath left to get!

        Oh man, Taranna trip. I CANNOT WAIT. I’ve already been compiling my list for a long while now, prioritizing it, and sitting here thinking I know it’s probably a couple of months away yet but we really should start planning soon. It’s almost July, Dude. Summer’ll be gone before we know it!


        • I know! All things considered we’re only a couple months away. I like that this is becoming an annual thing.

          In a lot of ways I plan my buying around the trip. Like I’ll stop looking to buy things on Discogs a few months before, because you never know what things you’ll find in the mighty TO. Japanese imports I will still order, because we both know how that turned out in 2012 🙂


      • Oh I know. I’ve been refining my list for a long while now. Probably since… February? Anyway, it’s a fluctuating thing, but I have a core list of Must Gets, and my perennial list of Holy Grail items (the ones I never expect to see, and haven’t ever seen in all my years of searching), and then the main list in case none of that other stuff turns up. It could happen.

        None of this, of course, accounts for all of things I will see whilst there that I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them. That happened last year, many CDs I hadn’t even considered came home with me. Even Alan Frew for $0.99.

        I’m thinking to not do an Order Of Battle this year – I don’t think it’s necessary. We know where we wanna go, we know the lay of the land, where to park, etc. The only thing I might suggest, if we have time and are passing by, is we should probably try She Said Boom this year. It’s a cool place, and it’s right there on College as we go past to get to the market. He usually has great stuff in there. I know we talked about it last year and ultimately gave it a miss… Just a suggestion, doesn’t have to happen.

        As for Japanese imports, Mike, you know, they’re really expensive. Like, because they come so far, and they are from JAPAN, they’re actually pretty expensive. 🙂 I’m glad you can joke about it now. I know you were pretty ticked at the time.

        So yeah, man. Planning. Let’s do this. Pick a month, pick a day and I WILL BE THERE. Oh when you call my name… I WILL BE THERE… ooo sorry, Alan Frew again…


    • Can I… can I confess something? Something that’ll probably make me lose a lot of cred? Actually, two things?

      1) I do not own any Danzig. Or Misfits.
      2) The only Manowar I own is the one you got for me.

      There. It’s out there. [braces for the coming incredulity and/or scorn]


  2. Nice to see some talented ladies in the mix – I’ll also never complain about a TTH appearance!


  3. For me when it comes to the Hip u can’t go,wrong with the first 4 albums! That’s my deal anyways ….after that designer drugs ruined the band….should have stuck with Mary Jane !


    • Do you include the ST album in that first four, or do you start at Up To Here?

      Drugs? Funny, I figured they were beer guys, maybe some weed. I had no idea they had designers making drugs for them. 😉


  4. Actually the EP is the starting point than to Day For Night..than they lost me
    You could see how they went from leap to bounds from the Ep to UTH….I guess road dogging thru places like Tbay u build up the chops and tunes…
    Man I gotta pull out the cd now……Up To Here that is…


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