Aerosmith Project – The DIY Edition

OK folks, I posted earlier today about Big Ones, a 1994 compilation of the mighty Aerosmith. And I’d mentioned about how there seems to be a veritable slew of compilations of this band.

On further reflection, this makes me think that they’re making multiple stabs at compilations because they haven’t hit on the PERFECT collection yet. And here we sit, all-knowing bloggers and Aero-fans, sure that we could do better.

So. This is a call to all you Aero-heads out there.

Let’s play record label (Keeps Me Alive Records, yeah!) and make our own damn compilation. WE NEED YOUR VOTES.

Let’s pick 30 songs. At 15 per disc, that’d pretty much make it a 2CD KMA Ultimate Aerosmith. Are you in? Of course you are.


1) Pick, from their whole catalogue, songs you think HAVE TO BE included.
2) You can go by Greatest Hit, or dark horse personal favourite.
3) There can be live songs, but I don’t generally like live versions on hits discs. That is what live albums are for… please give good reason why live version needs inclusion.

Off the top of my bald head, here’s a list of the obvious Hits choices, to save you all typing them in:

Dream On
Sweet Emotion
Living On The Edge
Rag Doll
Love In An Elevator
Same Old Song And Dance
Walk This Way
Back In The Saddle
Janie’s Got A Gun
The Other Side
-14 tracks-

Well hell, that’s practically CD1 right there. And you’re free to disagree with any of those, though I’m pretty sure they’re most of their biggest songs? Anyway. There are still 16 more spaces… 16!

Drop your coments with your suggestions and let’s make the most amazing Aerosmith compilation EVER!


18 thoughts on “Aerosmith Project – The DIY Edition

      1. keepsmealive says:

        Ha, leave to our venerable 1537. Here I am thinking there’s gotta be a way to make one perfect Aero collection that would appeal to almost everyone, and you’re thinking of on album (plus a couple of tracks), albeit on highly collectible, beautiful green 10″ vinyl.

        All of that being as it may, um… why green?


  1. keepsmealive says:

    Well, so far folks, Deke’s options are the winners. Since all those big hits from the later years are everywhere anyway, it looks as though a deeper cuts comp is what’s desired!

    Or, as usual, just buy the damn albums, right? 😉


  2. mikeladano says:

    Much like Deke I too would avoid the Geffen hits. Like Deke I would pick non-singles like Hearts Done Time and FINE. In fact…I’d take Deke’s CDs as-is!


      1. mikeladano says:

        I am, the singles anyway. I don’t listen to Big Ones for example. Even the two “new” songs from Big Ones are on other albums now.

        But Deke also mentioned Taste of India from a later album, which I love.


      2. stephen1001 says:

        I was nervous when I didn’t see Eat The Rich at first, good call on the abrupt ending “that’s my idea of a good time baby” closing out the 2nd CD. Uncle Salty’s a solid opener too.
        As it was one of my gateway to Aerosmith songs, I’d like to see Amazing on there but otherwise, I’ll take it!


  3. Deke says:

    Oooops goofed on disc 2 track 10 where I sandwiched Jailbait and Lightening Strikes under #10….my bad shit now I’m at 16…


  4. Deke says:

    Disc 1
    1-Uncle Salty
    2-Toys In The Attic
    3-Sweet Emotion
    4-Walk This Way
    5-One Way Street
    6-Dream On
    7-Mama Kin
    8-Make It
    9-Same Ol Song & Dance
    10-Seasons Of Wither
    11-Get The Lead out
    12-Back In The Saddle Again
    13-No More No More
    15-Lick And A Promise

    Disc 2-

    1-Sick As A Dog(live Bootleg version..drugs a talkin=classic)
    2-Draw The Line
    3-Get It Up
    4-Bright Light Fright
    5-Kings And Queens
    6-I Wanna Know Why
    7-No Surprise
    8-Three Mile Smile
    9-My Fist Your Face
    10-Jailbait Lightening Strikes
    11-The Reason A Dog
    12-Hearts Done Time
    14-Taste Of India
    15-Eat The Rich

    Notes….I like there Geffen catalogue as well but man when u start thinking about which tracks it’s hard to narrow it down….try as I may….
    now Live Bootleg for the record is my all time fav Live recording….just the looseness,drugs a talkin not to much if any fixings done to that one…
    This was fun!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      DEKE!! This was amazing (“in a blink of an eye, you finally see the light”)!! Man, you completely missed most of the Hits tracks I’d listed. You were allowed to use those, you know! 🙂

      Also, dammit, I forgot Mama Kin. That’s what I get for working off the top of my head.

      Deke, I look at this list and realize you’re hardcore. I don’t know a lot of these songs (of course, I don’t have all the records, so it’s not hard to figure). But still, damn! Very well done, sir!

      Now, here’s my question: Since we’re playing record label, let’s pretend you had been given the job of compiling this Hits Of Aerosmith compilation, and you presented them with this list, do you think it would fly? Without all the known HUGE tracks? Is your thinking that those are already available on countless other discs, this is the one that SHOULD be released? Would enough people know these songs, or is this a way to get buys who maybe didn’t buy all the albums to hear tracks that need heard? Or maybe all those other one I listed could be a third CD, because people love the hits…

      Well folks, Deke has thrown down the gauntlet. This is a thoughtful, varied and interesting list, to be sure.

      Anyone else got suggestions? 🙂

      [You’re right, Deke, this IS fun!]


      1. Deke says:

        Hahahaha thanks…would I present this to em?
        Depends on job security right??
        Seriously I think they would have to consider it as every Aero comp has basically the same track list!
        Esp the Geffen yrs material…
        Dig a Little deeper and there are some Gems there for sure !
        This was cool had fun doing it…..


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