Rush Series 2: The 1990s – Different Stages CD3 (1998)

Lucky bastard that I am, this copy of Different Stages that I have been reviewing is the 3CD version. I have no idea if it’s more rare or what have you (I do now there’s a 2CD version out there), I’m just saying I’m a lucky bastard ‘cos I got me 1/3 more Rush! Woo!

Recorded live 1978-02-20 at London, England’s Hammersmith Odeon during the A Farewell To Kings tour, this is on king hell of a show. I mean, right out of the gates, Bastille Day is an absolute rock bomb going off. Wow! And they just don’t let up from there with the awesomeness. I mean, seriously. Through a ripping By-Tor and into an absolutely gorgeous Xanadu and I am totally hooked. And it just… keeps… going… A blasting version of Anthem, a rather slinky Working Man, a bar-brawl In The Mood… I could name-call every track. All of it is monumental.

Here are the tracks, as I have them here:

Bastille Day
By-Tor & The Snow Dog
A Farewell To Kings
Something For Nothing
Cygnus X-1
Working Man
Fly By Night
In The Mood
Cinderella Man

All of the instruments are superb. Peart is all over the drums, just pummeling. Lifeson is sublimely dangerous, ripping riffs from the guitar like a madman. And Geddy’s voice soars over his bass and you’d swear it was two people at work.

The sound quality is fantastic, and hearing this 36 year-old recording now is a time capsule, a treasure trove, and a template for all rockers everywhere, all rolled into one.

Fuck yeah!

3 thoughts on “Rush Series 2: The 1990s – Different Stages CD3 (1998)

  1. mikeladano says:

    It was amazing to me that Rush had top-notch stuff like this just sitting on a shelf somewhere, unreleased! I don’t know what Alex had to do to get it “releasable” but it doesn’t sound like much tampering was done to it. Just amazing and I’m sure there’s more. Rush are notorious for hanging onto their rare recordings.


  2. Deke says:

    Oh yeah man now this is how U package a double live cd. Toss in a retro show as a third disc!
    That’s why I said the other day if Rush would have ended here what a way to go out on!
    One of the better packaged live albums period from the 90s unlike the sterile Halen live album(there one of my faves ) Man that was a disappointment (audio/video)
    But for a Rush……
    Your right ……a treasure trove…..all rolled into one!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yep it was you who called it on that point, but thank goodness you didn’t have to be right about that one. Still going strong, baby! And yeah, this third disc is a killer. Man, when they played that show I was 4 years old.


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