1000 Mona Lisas – The EP

I’ve owned this EP more than once, in my time. I really only have it (whenever I do, like currently) for a couple of songs, and one of those is a hidden track…

How Would You Know is so 1990s AOR rock, it actually hurts my teeth.

Green Light features singer dude ranting occasionally before the song becomes another big shout-along. There’s a fun punk outbreak with a minute to go that doesn’t last long, but is actually the coolest part of the song.

Maybe It’s All Forgotten sounds like a lost Everclear song. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Again, right at the end, they tease me with a great punk burst. Alas, it doesn’t last.

My Embarassing Suicide is the feedback-laden slow plodder you think it ought to be. It still rocks well enough.

Instilled And Lost is the song from the EP proper I always liked best. Why? It’s closest to punk. I’ve always thought this band was a punk band masquerading as a mainstream radio rock band. At 1:26 they finally go nuts and I love it. Great track!

Then, 3:03 of silence.

And the hidden track is the reason to buy this EP. A full-on rip through Alanis Morissette’s You Oughta Know, which has the anger and energy that Alanis’ original lacked. Honestly, when I hear the Alanis version, this one is the only version I can hear.

In Sum:

It’s not a bad CD. But I really only keep it for the last track(s).

Here, go get you some:

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