Happy Birthday To Me!

Today was an excellent day. I got to spend all day with the kids. [Also, today marked the two year anniversary of my being stay-at-home Dad]. We sort of took the house apart, over the course of the day’s utter madness. It’s still not back together as it should be… and do I care? Haha no. Much fun was had. Mission accomplished.

And then, at suppertime, my parents arrived! You’d think yeah well big deal, but they don’t live in town, in fact, not anywhere near town. You see, my lovely wife had coordinated all of this without my knowledge, and my folks drove an hour and a half to be here for supper. It was wonderful (understatement). We barbequed some excellent steaks, and Mom brought homemade chocolate pie (my traditional birthday choice).

I would have been done right there. I mean, that’s a fantastic surprise. I love having everyone together. Also, I do love a good home-cooked meal surrounded by said loved ones!

But then there were prezzies. Oh my.

First up, I got some much needed new t-shirts and shorts. That is not interesting to you. However, relevant to this blog, there was also my first-ever official Guided By Voices t-shirt (on the back it says “The bus will get you there yet.” Of course it does. For all of you who don’t know A Salty Salute, the excellent opening track from Alien Lanes, you should seek it out). Also, the new book from The Oatmeal (I’ve wanted this for a while), and Questlove’s book too. I love the Roots and I’m fascinated by this guy so I really can’t wait to read the book.


And then! Oh ho ho. And then.


Oh the beauties.

Led Zeppelin.


All three of the recent re-releases. Oh yes.

Interestingly, I’ve got LZ I and II as the single-disc vinyls, and LZ III as the double vinyl with companion audio. AWESOME!!


* Also, please admire the fine work we did on those kitchen island worktops. Those are sanded (by me) through several grits to a fine sheen, and then hand-oiled by my lovely wife. It was a lot of work, but worth it. Aren’t they lovely! And now back to my regularly scheduled Led Zeppelin blathering.

Now, I apparently hadn’t been paying attention. I’d thought these vinyls were either single disc only, or the Super Deluxe editions that are about $150. I honestly had no idea that they had released them all with companion audio on vinyl. I’d thought that was for CD only! Goes to show you that I haven’t been paying much attention.

For those of you who’ll recall from a little while ago, I went through a whole diemma about whether I should even get these. After all, I already own the crop circle box set (and the little black one to go with it) from the 90s. And I own all the albums on original CD. And I own several of the albums on original vinyl. Did I need them again? Today it was decided for me – yes I did!

My huge thanks to my family for making all of this happen, and for plotting behind my back and arranging to have us all together on this day. You guys rock!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

    1. keepsmealive says:

      If I told you that, a grizzly would likely eat you, and then come looking for me. But only because grizzlies don’t like book spoilers!

      I will link you to the site, though. I have no idea if that particular comic is on there. You’d think it would be, but what do I know?



  1. mikeladano says:

    SCHWEEEET ZEPPELIN! Glad you had a good birthday dude!

    Speaking of books, I’m a couple chapters into Paul Stanley’s and so far it’s one of the best rock books I’ve read. Very open and honest…that man has lived with a lot of pain.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah!! I’m wondering now though if I’m gonna return the I and II and just pay the difference for the Deluxe versions, have ’em all the same. But the III is gorgeous, even reproduced the cut-outs.


    2. keepsmealive says:

      Also, It could really have been not very good, of course, so I’m glad the Stanley book is good!

      I’m really excited to get into this Questlove book, but I’ve been too busy laughing my ass off at The Oatmeal.


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