Megadeth – Rust In Peace

So, this is post 1001. Hey Stephen, is this album in the 1001? That would be awesome coincidence.

I got this for $2, in pristine shape, in our local thrift shop. Seriously, who just tosses this disc into a donation bin? Anyway, their loss, my gain.

Up to this point, all I owned was the Hits set called Back To The Start. It’s pretty great (though my issue remains, see below). So of course, as soon as I plugged in this disc, I knew Holy Wars… The Punishment Due and Hangar 18 straight away. And holy fuck, those two songs are career-makers, right there. Absolute monsters.

The rest of the disc is, honestly, more of the same. You know what you’re getting when you buy Megadeth, right? If you don’t, it’s probably not your thing. Break-neck pacing, blistering guitars, nimbly punishing bass, pounding drums. Thrash! Think the first four Metallica albums only, well, not them. Still. Big 4. Hell yeah. But every track here fits that mould and rarely deviates, though Dawn Patrol is a slower departure.

I had this album on while I worked away here in the basement, and I have to be honest. It kicks all kinds of ass, musically. It really does. But all of the songs sort of blended together. If there were no breaks between the tracks, one could be forgiven for thinking it was all one big long, angry song. That’s not a bad thing. Musically, this is some really stellar metal. The guitars alone will melt your brain. Still, though, I have no idea what he was yelling about, for most of it. I wasn’t even trying to pay attention to the words at all.

And now we reach my one issue with Megadeth. I can’t stand Dave Mustaine’s vocals. For fuck sakes, everytime he comes in to yelp, I cringe. He’s so nasal, so whiny-sounding, the very last thing I think when I hear him “sing” is ‘evil’ or ‘menacing.’ At all. Frankly, it’s comical. Now, this is not to say I could do any better. I know for damn sure I couldn’t. But it does damage the listening experience.

And look, I’m sure this is some classic album of the genre and I just don’t ‘get it.’ I can live with that, I calls ’em as I hears ’em. And believe me, I get half of it completely – the music part.

So yeah. Megadeth. Fantastic music better left as instrumentals.

24 thoughts on “Megadeth – Rust In Peace

  1. stephen1001 says:

    It’s 1001 material – this and the chattily titled, Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying? – so a fitting post number!

    I just checked out Peace Sells last week and had very few complaints – I can appreciate the voice being a barrier to overcome. I didn’t mind it but there are some artists the world loves (Van Morrison for one) that musically, I’m a fan, but still not fully appreciating the vocals.

    Then again, I’d imagine not everyone’s a fan of Metal singers I enjoy like Hetfield’s exaggerated, Exit Night-TAHs!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh yeah, there’s lots of singers that grate on people. My lovely wife could do without Neil young, and doesn’t go for a whole lot of Bob Dylan. I know Leonard Cohen bothers some people but they’re just nuts. I’ve heard people say Mick Jagger bugs them, and either AC/DC singer. I dated a girl for a while who said Gord Downie’s voice made her want to rip out her eyeballs and through them at him. I know, pretty graphic, right? Tom Waits puts some people off, but he’d just say that was on purpose. So yeah, the list is fairly long and distinguished. Each their own.

      In all fairness though, given how I felt about Megadeth in 2011, and how I seem to have liked it better now than I did three years ago, I figure by 2021 I’ll be Megadeth’s biggest fan.


      1. stephen1001 says:

        That’s when I’m aiming to be done my project!

        It can definitely happen – I think in my first Neil Young review I said, great songs, give them to someone else to sing. But he’s grown on me quite a bit.


      2. Daddydinorawk says:

        Ha, well I’ve been a long time listener of both peter Hammill and Captain Beefheart and as well a recent convert to Bruce Hampton and David Thomas.

        Don’t dig Cohen though. Go figure. 😉


  2. Deke says:

    I bought So Far So Good back in 88 it did Nuthin for me.
    When RIP came out my bro was all over it but I did not take to it. Than Countdown came out and I was all over that one. Man what a great metal record and still is to this day so much so that I rebought the 20 th anniversary of it with the second disc from San Fran back in 93. The live RIP material is great though.This band smokes on that live recording.
    I than bought Youthanasia (Train Of Consequences great track)…and than what was the followup Risk or whatever one it was I bought and realized Dave was chasing the buck….and I passed …


    1. mikeladano says:

      Risk sucked. I keep giving it a try, because I bought the entire Megadeth remaster collection. It has some songs on it — Breadline is a good HARD ROCK (not metal) song — but it’s pretty weak.

      I did buy some of their more recent albums and they are good but not memorable.


  3. mikeladano says:

    I too have issues with Dave’s voice, but not so much as Aaron. For me I find I can only listen to one Megadeth album at a time. I can’t do two in a row. I have to go listen to something else for a while.

    I do disagree about the album seeming like one long song. Personally I feel this is their best record, loaded to the brim with amazing metal tunage. I love Tornado of Souls, Five Magics…but the centerpiece epic of the album is Rust In Peace…Polaris. Just epic. Metallica WISHES they could write like that. And play like that. But there’s nobody in Metallica who can play like Menza and Friedman.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      For you, only one album at a time before needing something else for a while. Me, a couple of songs and then I need something else. 😉

      As for the one long record thing, I suppose it’s just that there are so many shifts within songs, when I wasn’t really paying attention to when one song stopped and the next started, it all blended together into one (apparently 9 track) thrash song. I’ll bet if I sat down with the good headphones on it’d be different, but then I’d have to sit through his singing again and I’m gonna need a little time before I subject myself to that again.


      1. mikeladano says:

        And I totally get that. The voice was a barrier for me as well.

        Here’s a record for you to track down: Dave’s side project MD.45, with Lee Ving from Fear. Lee did all the vocals on the original version. HOWEVER BEWARE there is a “remastered version” where Dave re-recorded all the vocals himself.


  4. Heavy Metal Overload says:

    I understand how you feel about this one although I love it personally. I agree with Daddydinorawk about Mustaine’s voice. I love his voice and Megadeth are my favourite Thrash band but I can see how his voice might be a marmite thing for people.


  5. Daddydinorawk says:

    He’s not whining. He’s sneering. Lets make this designation clear! 😉

    No seriously I love his vocal delivery. It defines them, it’s like Geddy. It’s your gateway. He could have hired some a-hole lead singer who would have left him anyway so he just does it himself. Brilliant! This was his peak, Dave couldn’t have topped himself so he slowed things down, a la Metallica with Justice. Dave did them one better, he had two aces up his sleeve. Amazingly enough Dave also had his 3rd different line up on this one, I don’t know how he did it personally, did not miss a beat. Menza is a monster and Marty shreds. It was an album that defined it’s time, truly an odd era in American History. Great thrash, outstanding Metal, very melodic and hard as hell.

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      A sneer, eh? Well even at that I’m not sure I’d need a whole album of it again for quite some time. A track here and there is OK. I too love the DIY thing, but sometimes it works and sometimes… hm.

      There’s always this:

      James is just having fun, but Lars staying out of it? Ha back in 1982 I’LL BET he stayed out of it. Writing his own history books there, methinks.

      I read Dave’s book, even reviewed it for these pages. Apparently, in 2011, I had even less time for Megadeth than I do now! haha.

      Anyway, Rust In Peace is indeed a killer when it comes to the music. I hope that was clear in my little blurb of a review. I loved the music.


      1. keepsmealive says:

        And when you put it like that, all I can think is goddammit he needs to let go of Metallica.

        The real question is, which came first? Rust In Peace or …Justice? Their next or Black? Their next or Load? And how long between – long enough to take a sound and make their own record with it? Is he just following Metallica’s lead? Or Metallica lifting from Megadeth? Or are they (improbably) making similar records independent of each other?

        There’s probably a whole post in that.


      2. mikeladano says:

        Metallica did their releases first. But Dave arguably topped all three. So as far as I’m concerned Dave can keep trying to top Metallica. I’d say he has topped them several times at their own game.


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