Grail List

I maintain a (fairly) exhaustive list of all the musics I would like to one day own. It’s all compiled in a .txt document called Master Search List. James has seen it. It’s… an impressive list.

But within the deep ranks of the main list, there are some gems that I call my Holy Grail items. The ones for which I have been looking for years (YEARS!) and never found my own copy. I have been in every record shop I’ve passed, in several provinces, many of them more than once. These items have never turned up.

Now, I should note that I have (very rarely) had success finding Grail items, over the years. The one that most recently comes to mind is Corky & The Juice Pigs’ eponymous CD. That one was found online, and from a guy right here in Ontario, Canada. Joy and bliss!

It’s possible that some of these (below) may be available online. I put a * beside a few that may well be easy enough to get (online, for example). But in my travels in brick and mortar shops, these are the discs I never, ever see. I’m looking for reasonable prices, but it’s hard to say a price because all depend on rarity and availability. Used items are definitely OK, so long as it’s a clean copy. Part of the thrill of finding these things is rescuing a lonely disc from a record shop’s bin and giving it a good home.

So, I post this Grail Items list here. Maybe you’ll see one of them in YOUR local record shop and, if you’re willing, maybe you can snag it for me. I will promptly send cash monies (in appropriate national currency) to any successful hunter. Now, I am not suggesting you print this list off and carry it with you. No, that’s what I do. But if you happen to recall the list and an item seen in your travels, well, you wouldn’t make my day. Nor my week or even my month. No, you would make my YEAR.

Also, since this is a community, please feel free to post your own Grail Items in the comments section of this post. We can all help each other!!

All are CD, unless noted otherwise.

So. If you find any of these, Aaron will kiss your new-born babies:

20 Miles – Let Every Town Furnish Its Own Women (CD EP Japan Epitaph ESCA 8150)
Berner, Geoff – Live In Oslo
Bird – Chrome Reflection
*Black Sabbath – Seventh Star, Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, Tyr
*Black Sabbath – Cross Purposes, Forbidden
Captain Beefheart – The Dust Blows Forward: Anthology
*Case, Neko – Canadian Amp
Cash, Johnny – Unearthed (5CD box set)
*Clouds Forming Crowns – Ouija Board Taxman
*Clouds Forming Crowns – Allowing Thunderhead
Crunt – Crunt (Russell Simins, JSBX drummer side project)
Death Of Samantha – If Memory Serves Us Well
Eyesinweasel – demos and outtakes (2LP only?)
Gem – Your Heroes Hate You
Gem – Sunglare Serenades
Gillard, Doug – Parade On
Gowan – Solo Live: No Kilt Tonight
Graffin, Greg – American Lesion
Guided by Voices – Bee Thousand (LP)
Guided By Voices – GBV/Superchunk split EP
Guided By Voices – GBV/Grifters split EP (7″ only?)
Mark, Carolyn & Tolan McNeil – At Home On Tour
Mascott & Doug Gillard – Please Please Please
McNeil, Tolan – Give ‘Er
Moore, Kevin – Rainmaker (Keb’ Mo’ solo debut) (LP only?)
*Mount Eerie – Lost Wisdom (w. Julie Doiron, Fred Squire)
My Dad Is Dead – Chopping Down The Family Tree (and any others by them)
Neuseiland – Neuseiland
Pier, Ford – 12-Step Plan, 11-Step Pier
Refreshments – Lo, Our Much Praised Yet Not All Together Satisfactory Lady EP
Refreshments – Wheelie
Roots, The – Organix (not a remaster, if possible)
RZA – Ghost Dog OMPS [Japanese, white cover]
Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves – Transmit/Receive EP
Skydiggers – There And Back (live)
Slipknot – Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.
Tielli, Martin – The Ghost Of Danny Gross Parts 1 & 2
Tool – Salival

Also, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes 7″:

Denver, Billy, Barry, Diamond, Elton, Bob, Steven,
Shannon, Stevie, Jackson, Dolly, Cash.

Thanks folks! If you choose to participate, happy hunting!

And don’t forget to post your lists in the comments! LET’S HELP EACH OTHER!!


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  1. I bought Cash Unearthed when it came out. What a set! Worth it for Redemption Song alone!


    • Yeah, it hovers well over $100, from what I’ve seen. My lovely wife and I love Johnny, and we have all the American recordings albums, but not that box set. Not yet, anyway.


    • Also, I know you’re after KISS – Chikara. Any others you want to add here, in case anyone finds them?


      • I’ll update my list and put em here shortly 🙂 Some have been acquired such as Brave on vinyl.


      • Awesome. Let’s everybody get our lists in here. Heck, I’ll even make a dedicated post for everyone’s Grail lists and if any of us finds an item, a quick comment to the page and I’ll update it. Let the KMA be our resource! WAHOO!

        Also, I remember when you got Brave on vinyl. That was the remaster though, right? ‘Cos I’ll bet you wouldn’t say no if I ever turned up with an original in good shape, bought cheaply off someone who didn’t know what they had. Right? 🙂


  2. Good luck with your searches, and especially with that Refreshments CD. I found it years ago for $4.99. A few years later I sold it on ebay for over $100 (I made a copy for my collection but I couldn’t pass up that kind of profit). I’m fortunate that I’ve gotten most of my holy grail items, which helps explain why my collection has exceeded 9,000 titles. One mistake I made with a title on your list was buying the VHS version of Tool’s Salival because I didn’t have a DVD player at the time. I haven’t looked in a while but I believe the DVD version is REALLY expensive.


    • Hey thanks, Rich! It has been years for most of these. The Sabbaths, in retrospect, could probably be found reasonably cheap (most of them, anyway).

      I saw the Refreshments in concert in 1996, and have been looking for Wheelie ever since. They have another EP that I’m adding to the list after I finish this comment! But $100. Damn. That one will have to be a totally lucky find, somewhere where the seller doesn’t know what they have.

      9000 titles. HOLY. SHIT. Pics! Pics! Pics!

      What really burns my ass about Salival was that we were living in Montreal at the time, and I had a DVD copy in my hand, new release, at the big HMV on Peel and Ste-Catherines. It was $20-25 range, and I didn’t have the cash at the time. I put it back. I saw the sticker that said Limited Edition and thought ‘yeah yeah, yeah, they all say that.” When I got the cash and went back, they were all gone. Couldn’t get one. Fuuuuuuck!


      • I missed seeing The Refreshments. I was obsessed with Fizzy Fizzy Big & Buzzy but didn’t have the opportunity to see them until the tour for The Bottle & Fresh Horses. The day of the show my friend & I decided to skip it because we were exhausted & it was a late show, and figured we would catch them on the next tour…and then they broke up. Fast forward about 10 years and I got tickets to see Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (I have their whole discography & love many of their albums, but nothing quite as much as Fizzy Fuzzy…), hoping they would play a couple of songs from my favorite album. Fortunately I picked the right show to attend, as they played 9 songs from that album. Needless to say I was thrilled.

        Thanks for the request for photos of my collection but I think I’ll keep that private. My man cave is wall-to-wall CD shelves plus 2 under-the-stairs hidden drawers housing my LP collection. Sadly, I’ve just about run out of space, and my wife won’t let me build a sub-basement (haha).

        Sorry you missed your opportunity with that Tool CD/DVD set. I feel the same way about “limited edition” releases but I do my best to not pass up something that might truly be limited.


      • The Refreshments were really good live, at least the show we saw was… The yopened a 3-day festival we saw. Imagine getting the opening slot, Friday at noon, when most people weren’t even there yet (most would have waited for the big closers that night, Bush and then the Cure). But I was right down front with my arms on the barricades and heard most of Fizzy Fuzzy from maybe twenty feet away from the band. Awesome.

        I have to admit, after Bottle… I sort of drifted in other directions. I honestly had no idea there was stuff after that. Heading to find the discography and add them to my Master Search List, thanks!

        Understood and respected on your keeping the collection private. It’s just, 9000 records? That’s STAGGERING!

        Dude, if a sub-basement isn’t allowed, what about an out-building? Or maybe a garge you don’t use? If you keep going though, Dude, you’re gonna need off-site storage!

        The Tool really sucked, that whole situation. Usually they put Limited Edition on a million copies and it’s available easily forever. This time, I guess they meant it. Gah.


        • That Refreshments show sounds like it was a blast, maybe more for you than the band since they were so far down the bill that day. Since you liked them I’m sure you’ll find at least some of the Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers albums enjoyable. The two key guys from The Refreshments (Roger Clyne and drummer PH Naffah) continued the previous band’s sound and the songwriting is consistently good.

          I can’t imagine having offsite storage since I need all my stuff near me. I may have to do some purging but that rarely results in much of a difference. My wife & I have discussed moving soon and my one requirement will be a bigger space for my collection. When we moved into our house 8-1/2 years ago I had plenty of space…and then the purchasing continued. I’m sure you understand.


      • I don’t tend to put too much stock in festival line-up slots. I mean, I understand the headliners getting the prime gigs (on the Friday it was Bush and the Cure, on the Saturday it went Odds, Porno For Pyros, Live and the Tragically Hip to end the night). But for the rest, it’s all a chance to play, as far as I can see. We saw 29 bands in 3 days, it’s a free-for-all. Fans are there to have fun and get their rock on, who cares if you go on at noon? Get out there and give ‘er! Refreshments sure did. If they were disappointed with the slot they had, they didn’t show it. They played their asses off and had everyone who was there jumping around like crazy.

        I’m all over looking up this other stuff. So great. Thanks!

        A bigger space, then, for sure! I totally understand. For 8 years prior to last summer, we lived in a little war time house that had two tiny bedrooms. All my CDs were stacked in those cheap pantry cupboards you can buy for kitchens. It sucked, digging through piles to find something, but that was all the space I had. Now, I don’t operate on your kind of scale… quite frankly, your collection wouldn’t have fit in that house. But now we have a bigger house, with a downstairs bedroom we use as a “library,” book shelves and my music collection. It all goes in the one room and it is indeed nice to have it all together and visible.

        Sell up, Rich. Get the space you need. I understand how collections can grow and, from the sounds of it, yours has taken on a life of its own and become one of the family. When your family grows, you gotta get a bigger space. FUN!


    • Also, you say you’ve gotten MOST of your Grail items. What’s left? Post it here! WE CAN HELP YOU!


      • I don’t think I have any truly holy-grail items left. What it’s come down to is finding certain releases for a more reasonable price. There’s a Bill Nelson box set (The Practice Of Everyday Life) which came out a few years ago. Early on I could have gotten a copy for around $60 but I was spending too much on other items & couldn’t justify the cost. Now it’s hard to find it for under $80 and I really can’t justify it…especially with more Zeppelin box sets on the way (those are must-haves for me).


      • Discogs has a Mint copy of that box for £39.99, which is $67.57 USD. Get in there and give ‘er, Rich!

        If you’ve been following along in these pages, I will (eventually) have all three Deluxe Remastered Zepellin I, II and III thanks to my amazing Mom. What a birthday!


        • Thanks for the link, but once you add in shipping it exceeds $70 and I still can’t justify spending that much. Too many other expenses right now, and Zeppelin (and Queen) box sets on the horizon.

          Glad you’ve got mom taking care of you with those Zeppelin sets. The super deluxe box sets are beautiful creations. Even though they’re overpriced considering the content, they’ve really done a spectacular job curating them as works of art.

          Regarding my sizable music collection, the thing I’m most proud of is that I’ve listened to every one of those 9,000+ titles at least once (and over the last several years my rule is that I have to play every new acquisition twice before it goes on the shelf). I know a lot of people with giant collections but half of it is still sealed or never played. I have no interest in having the biggest collection on the block. All that matters to me is continuing to listen, learn & expand my horizons.


      • Fair enough, I understand saving your pennies towards what you really want!

        Oh man, my Mom is the greatest lady ever. I’m sure the super-deluxe are gorgeous, and as a life-long fan they’re essential for you. These Deluxe Remasters on vinyl are all I’m likely to ever need.

        I am most impressed that you’ve heard them all at least once. If each were an average of an hour (considering all titles, from singles to box sets and averaging it all out), that’s 375 days, or 1 year, 10 days of straight listening. Daaaaaaamn! Very well done, sir. Do you have kids? I find they cut into my listening time, sometimes…


        • Nope, no kids. That definitely helps my music absorption rate. So does working in the music industry for 26+ years. I get to have music playing almost constantly. The main purpose of my blog was to rediscover the lesser-played artists in my collection and so far its been a success. A slow process, but still a success. I hope I can live to 200, and keep my hearing, just so I can get to a majority of the artists I want to cover.

          When you buy the vinyl Zeppelin reissues, are they packaged with the Companion Audio discs or are those separate purchases? They both come in the box sets along with the CDs & amazing hardcover books. I wish there was more audio content included but it’s still great to have everything they’re providing. I also love that the reissue series is probably exposing their music to younger fans.


      • Yup, no kids certainly makes it easier to play what you want when you want! Our kids are pretty good, actually. They’ll listen to Daddy’s music quite happily. But then, every once in a while, it’s gotta be Little Mermaid or some such and Daddy’s music goes away for a while. And I suppose, if I ever get dragged into a local theater production, I can sing the songs for all the parts, thanks to shear repetition of the songs. Actually, I think I’d make a pretty awesome Ariel – if Ariel were a tenor/bass. And I’d be so hot in that bikini top hahaha 🙂

        I tend to do most of my listening for review at night, with the good headphones on, after the kids are in bed. But when school’s back in season this fall, I’ll be rocking albums in the car with my daughter, again. Bring on the mobile office!

        The Zeppelin reissues come in many forms… the Remastered version is just the album, single-disc (CD & LP). The Deluxe Remastered is the album and companion audios (CD & LP). I got the LP versions of the Deluxe RMs. II and III are 2-LP sets. LZ I is a 3-LP set. All versions are 180g vinyl. And then there’s the Super-Deluxe Fancy Pants box sets like you got. And I’m sure there are others. I don’t recall seeing any companion audio discs sold separately in stores. But that doesn’t mean anything – I live in a small city (25,000) that has only a crap tiny HMV outlet in the mall, and Mall-Wart for new music. It suuuuucks.


      • Oh, and as for more audio content, I’m sure Pagey is saving that up for the next remaster he’s planning, 10-15 years from now. 🙂


        • Sounds like you have good kids and hopefully some of your music is being absorbed into their brains for future enjoyment.

          How are the deluxe remastered LPs packaged? In the box sets they’re two separate LP sleeves. I’m wondering if the packaging is different when they’re purchased separately.

          I don’t think Page will do another set of reissues. He’s looking at these as the final word on their discography, and I give him & the band credit for not milking their fans like many other artists. They did one set of remasters in the early 90s and now these, with a few archival releases along the way & a few re-packagings of existing remasters. Nothing too egregious. It’s also cool that they’re offering so many versions so fans have options, and they’re not doing that annoying thing of putting bonus material only on the box sets. My biggest complaint is the lack of DVDs or Blu-rays with surround sound mixes. This was the perfect opportunity for that. I’m holding out hope that the Coda deluxe set will have lots of additional rarities that could/should have been included with the individual album reissues.


      • Our kids are great (and I’m not biased at all). They like Maiden and Metallica, and my daughter likes the Beastie Boys (she’ll be 3 yrs old on Aug. 6). I make sure they get introduced to a wide range of music. I’ve been waiting years to have kids just so I can do this! I also have a boxed set of the Lord Of The Rings books here, just waiting for them to be old enough for these to be bedtime stories… I bought that even before either of them was born… Haha I might be a geek. Who else but a geek buys LOTR in case someday they have kids so they can read them to them? Go me!

        You’re probably right about there not being another reissue. I just have this nagging sense of cynicism about all things that just won’t go away. 🙂

        Is it possible that there’s not enough good footage to make full DVD collections? I just don’t know enough about that time period, what the band did to preserve any of what they were doing, the technology on hand… I couldn’t guess. Or maybe the DVDs are the next thing. Get all the albums out on final versions, then start releasing videos in Fancy Pants editions after that!

        I have to say, I’m excited about the next round of releases. If they do three more again, that’ll be IV, Houses Of the Holy, and Physical Graffiti. HOLY CRAP THAT’LL BE AWESOME!!

        As for the packaging, I haven’t opened them yet. I’ve just been sitting and staring at them longingly… honestly, I have LZ I and III here, and I’m still waiting on II to show up (after I returned the regular editions and upgraded – there was a KMA post or three about that whole situation). Anyway, I’m waiting for II to get here before I open anything. I wanna have them all in front of me, perfect and gorgeous. But LZ III looks like a double-LP package, from outside the plastic, so, probably gatefold with one in each cover. Not sure how they’ll have handled the LZ I, with it’s 3 LPs. I’ll know soon enough, whenever LZ II arrives. Which reminds me, I need to check with my Mom, I’m assuming it has shipped…


    • It is. I have that. I got lucky.


  3. I’ve not written the list down but I have saved it to my phone for easy reference. My eyes are peeled!


    • Excellent use of the new technology, young man! Thanks!

      Have you got any to list here, that we can all help you find? Wasn’t there some Def Leppard 7″? Manowar? Anything, man, you name it. That’s why this post is here! Get it out there!


  4. Here’s some of the major grails on my list:

    IRON MAIDEN – Best of the Beast (6 LP condition)
    IRON MAIDEN – Virus (12″ single)
    IRON MAIDEN – The Soundhouse Tapes (not a bootleg)
    THIN LIZZY – Live at the BBC 6CD + DVD box set
    KISS – Chikara
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS – For Afghanistan
    MARILLION – Happy Christmas Everybody
    MARILLION – Marillion.Christmas

    I’ll add more if I can think of ’em.


    • Sweet list! I find it interesting there’s Maiden you don’t yet have! Well folks, there’s Mike’s list. Bring it on, give us yours!


      • Well, I have talked about the time I REGRET not paying whatever it was and getting Beast of the Beast on vinyl. Shoulda woulda coulda. It was right there.

        Live!! + One was one that I saw at the record show in Mississauga this past April. The $100 price tag was too much for me at the time.


  5. OH! Duh.

    IRON MAIDEN – Live!! + One EP


  6. I have the Unearthed set (so much great stuff on there – though unlike many other folks I know I’m not sold on the version of Redemption Song). Used to see it fairly regularly in the record stores up until a few years ago.

    Been after that Neko Case Canadian Amp album myself, though it’s slipped down the list. I had a loan of a copy years ago, right enough and it’s part of the ‘digital collection’. So that’s maybe why. Though it’s not quite the same. Spotted it online often enough, though.

    Anyhoo, I’ll keep a wee note of the list saved on the ol’ phone and see what I see when I’m next on one of my store searching travels!


    • I hold out hope we’ll find Unearthed on this year’s trip to Taranna. Fingers crossed.

      Canadian Amp can be had anytime, it’s hard to spend $20 on an EP.

      Thanks for keeping the list. And surely you have one too. Get it in here! So far only Mike has ponied up. I say we should all get our WANTS IT THE PRECIOUSSSSSSS lists in here and have a dedicated post everyone can use to help each other out. COMMUNITY!!!!


  7. One more to add:

    HELIX – Live at the Marquee EP



    THIN LIZZY – Live at the BBC 6CD + DVD box set

    CD Japan, $137.30. Purchased.


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