Judas Priest – Redeemer Of Souls

Far more insightful reviews of this can be found at Mike’s (review Part One and Part Two), and also at Scott’s too (review). Go read those if you want actual Priest fan perspective and knowledge.

Me? This is the 7th Priest record I own, but I would not ever claim to be an expert. Proceed accordingly.

I’m just gonna go from the gut. With the good headphones on. As always.

Let’s give ‘er:

What we have here is 13 tracks of real metal, from people who know what the hell they are doing as they go about it. There is no kidding around, here. This album is fucking STRONG.

When I started out listening, I intended to review each track, but I just kept writing variations of ‘this is bluesy as hell metal’ and ‘wow what a riff/guitar solo’ and ‘damn he can still scream,’ as well as lots of descriptors like chug, stomp and swing. I did notice a couple of the songs sounded like other bands (March Of The Damned = Ozzy, or Battle Cry = Maiden). But who cares? What matters is that this whole thing is 13 tracks of pure, well-conceived bloody fucking greatness.

Of course, the 2CD version was the only way to go, with 5 bonus tracks. And what great tracks they are! On a lot of releases, the bonus tracks are afterthoughts, or things only hardcore fans could care about. But I believe these songs to be as strong as the album tracks. It’s awesome.

In fact, I totally think of the album proper as the concert, and the bonus disc as the encore. Think about it. It fits!

What’s not to like about this? It’s operatic, it’s theatrical, and it’s seriously great fucking metal. I’d give two thumbs way up but my hands are permanently frozen in metal horns.


15 thoughts on “Judas Priest – Redeemer Of Souls

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Well, let’s see…

      On vinyl:


      On CD:

      Rocka Rolla/Sad Wings Of Destiny (2 on 1 CD)
      Screaming For Vengeance (RM)
      Painkiller (RM)
      Redeemer Of Souls (2CD)


      1. Deke says:

        Turbo, now at the time we were pumped about a new Priest album even the debut single Locked In was a bit of a winner but once the album was released it fell quickly off of ol DEKEs radar. It did have some good tracks like Private Property even Rock You All Around The World which of course were stabs at radio play along with Parantal Guidance but I dunno a cash grab,labels wanting hits, who knows….

        Screaming For Vengeance,man i caught this show live in Jan of 1983 and I can honestly say it was a game changer as far as live productions go. It was at a time that I caught Priest they were selling oodles of records and were all over the print media so for me it was a band I caught on fire cause the shows I had seen previous like Kiss on the Dynasty tour were on the decline and ACDC played here in 1980 in Tbay and I was 13 and it was a week before Back In Black was released so for me I was lucky that my buddy and his older sister took me to see ACDC and they were on the rise cuz they never ever came back here again….
        Hahahaha….road testing Johnson I believe.
        Also Ted Nugent played here in 81 on his Intensity in 10 cities even he was on the decline.
        But yeah sorry for the babble…Priest though was at the top of there game when I was lucky to see em live …
        So SFV is one of my all time favs….


      2. keepsmealive says:

        Dude. Seriously. Why do you not have a blog? That one comment took in two records, and said what you needed it to say, It ain’t gotta be big or flowery or full of pictures or fancy. But you have stories to tell. You should!


  1. Heavy Metal Overload says:

    Another positive review for the Priest. They seem to be racking them up and rightly so. I agree with Deke, it’s a strong all-rounder. It might make it in to my Top 5 this year but… only just!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      On the second play through, I realized I was having too much fun to try to write specifics about it – I left that up to you guys (hence the links)!

      I’ll be looking forward to reading reviews of the show here in October. They could just play this whole album, then the bonus tracks as encore and it’d rock like hell!


  2. Deke says:

    Me an HMO talked about this at his site and I almost totally passed on this and for some reason I gave this one a purchase and boy I’m I glad I ever did.
    It’s a good solid Priest album and for me it think it’s there best all around album since Defenders. Not saying there albums haven’t been good( I skipped the Owen albums) where there would be certain good/great tracks and others well not so good in a whole but for a whole Priest record front to back and yeah with the bonus songs as well this is a great metal record.
    Good on em and Good for us!


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