Series – The Radio: 94.5 The Bull

For the first in the series, today I listened to an hour (11am-12pm) of 94.5 The Bull online. This isn’t exactly a local radio station – I think it comes out of Wingham via London, or some such thing, but it’s definitely aimed at this area.

They play classic rock, mostly, with a few new tunes thrown in. It’s rare that I’ll tune in, and only in the car. I prefer my own CDs. But when I temporarily worked in a factory here in town, the Bull was on all the time out on the lines, and I heard a ton of it. What I noticed was a lot of repetition (as though Led Zeppelin only wrote three songs, etc). I also remember thinking that, just because it was recorded in the 70s by some nominally rock-oriented band, that didn’t mean it was worthy of radio play. Some of it was really, really bad. But that was a while ago, so I’ll be interested enough to see what I get today.

According to the station’s web site, the DJ while I’m listening is Drew Stefani. But then the DJ identified himself as Scott Thomas, so I assume this is Stefani’s slot and Thomas is filling in? He never said as much, though. Anyway, it is currently 24C (feels like 32C), with winds SE at 9.7.

Alright, it’s 11 am, so here we go!

station id*
Styx – Come Sail Away
David Bowie – Golden Years
CSNY – Ohio

Supertramp – Breakfast In America

station id
Genesis – Abacab

station id
Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi
Wings – Band On The Run

Chilliwack – My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)

station id
Rick Derringer – Rock ’N’ Roll Hootchie Coo

station id
Payolas – Eyes Of A Stranger

commercials (5: tires, beer, home renos, cars, tires again)

station id
Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water

Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

commercials (5: upcoming concert, tires, slo-pitch tourney, art supplies, tires again)

station id
Guess Who – Shakin’ All Over

And here we are at 12pm, time for news. It is currently 25C (feels like 33C), winds SSE at 11.3.

In that hour, we had:

4 times the dj talked (also reminding us of the station)
7 reminders of the station to which we’re tuned
10 commercials, some longer than others.
13 songs

As for the songs, all were songs/artists everyone knows – very safe, middle of the road shoe-in choices. No new music, in fact nothing past the 1980s. In all, not a totally unenjoyable hour. I mean, Van Halen, Deep Purple, CSNY…

Most of the interruptions to the music were (mercifully) brief, but they were numerous. The DJ kept it tight, which surprised me, actually. So, thank you, Scott Thomas, for not constantly gibbering about nothing. If I were stuck in a car without CDs and this was the only station I could pick up for entertainment, I could do a lot worse than this. I’m still not going to put it on all that often, though. Not when I have an MP3-CD deck as well as an iPod AUX jack for my 120GB ipod.


* pre-recorded between-song reminder of station identification
** DJ talking between songs.


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  1. Man, when I listen to the radio, I can’t wait for the songs to end so I can hear what Craig or Marko have to say. Mandy had a daily feature called “A Hard Day’s Write” where she would discuss in detail a different Beatles song every day. And then of course there’s the Jeff Woods segments where I get to learn something new every day. I feel bad for you!


    • Well, even if we had excellent DJs I still wouldn’t want to hear it. I want music. I do not want people yammering on, no matter what they have to say.

      Hence the CDs.

      Good for you that you like it, though. Each their own.


      • I need the yammering. Music non stop without breaks is too much. (Plus I NEED the traffic reports in order to plan my trip home.)

        I could put on mp3 player in my office, but I chose not to.


      • And see, I find the breaks with all the yapping absolutely grating. I cringe when a song ends, because one of those mouthpieces is likely to start spewing. Ugh.

        At least we can both have it our way. You have the radio, I likely will never play it with any regularity.


  2. Looks like a playlist from rock 94 here ……they babble incoherently ……prefer my iPod .


    • Yeah man, I scrolled through the morning’s list of songs played (I was keeping my hours’ listening list in real time, commercials and all), and it looked like a who’s who of songs most likely to appeal to the most people. Yawn.


    • Also, agreed on the iPod. Big-time.


    • And the babbling incoherently. Like, shutup already.

      Though the guy today didn’t do too bad, he just said his dumb thing and got out of the way. I can’t stand it when they try to force conversations between two DJs. That’s probably the worst. I’d prefer dead air to that.


  3. You and I would get along in the car, I think. More music, less talky talk. Again about the only blabbering I enjoy is Howard Stern. And it’s all talk. I just see through it. If DJs have their shows with gimmicks and such, I think, “Alright Howard Stern wannabe…” I can listen to music all the time. Then tune in to 680 all news radio for traffic on the 1’s if I want.

    On Saturday I was in the car, and turned on the radio. Rage’s We gotta take the power back played. I was like, WOW! Followed by Metallica’s One. Didn’t catch the station, but might have been Q 107.


    • Yup, no fights about the radio station = happy camper Aaron (who always chooses no radio station at all). So, I call road trip! Where do you wanna go? I vote for Montreal. Let’s go to MONTREAL!! Road trip wooooooo!!!

      That is a cool combo on the radio. I remember the first time that happened to me. We were moving (TO MONTREAL WOOOO!) and I was driving the Rider truck full of our crap and as we got near Kingston I was scanning the dial (‘cos all it had was a radio, no CD) and I picked up a station that was rocking Tool’s Sober. Man, I CRANKED that f-ing thing.

      I also remember one time, when I was in university (back when dinosaurs used to roam the earth), and we used to pick up 89X out of Detroit. And at night, well, it seems like no one cared what they did. Language got raunchy after a certain hour, and the songs played became a lot less like the sanctioned playlists from the daytime. I distinctly remember, listening one night, a DJ saying “Well, I’m going out for a smoke or two, so, here’s the entire Van Halen Diver Down album, no commercials. Catch y’all later!” and the music started and they really did play the whole album top to bottom, uninterrupted. That was pretty awesome.

      But yeah, most of my radio experiences are (and have always been) fairly shite.


  4. BTW, I couldn’t help but lol at your “tires, blah blah blah, tires again”. “More tires, blah blah art supplies, tires…” lol


    • I know, right? It’s like people around here take their tires REALLY SERIOUSLY. And I get it. We live in the valley of the escarpment, wedged against the beginnings of Georgian Bay. To say we get some crap winter driving conditions in this neck of the words is like saying Ricky Martin enjoys golden showers. In other words, WE SURE DO. We must have ten places in this little town, all selling tires.

      But in all honesty, I think maybe the one tire place was sponsoring the time I was listening to the show. I could be wrong about that, but it did seem like an awful lot of tire commercials.


  5. 13 songs in the hour isn’t bad going I suppose. Still just stick with my mp3 player though. I don’t really mind the yammering too much though. I just prefer picking my own music.


  6. FYI- Thomas Morewood commented that the Bull used to be as good as Dave FM but changed formats a couple months ago. Bummer.

    Loved Marko’s show yesterday and I’m sure today he will have some kind of tribute to Robin Williams rest in peace.


    • I don’t know who Thomas Morewood is, but he has a great last name. Is he a DJ? ‘Cos then he could be Thomas Morewood In The Morning. Ba-dum-tish. Get it? Oh man, I’m here all week try the veal. I’m sure, whoever he is, he’s sick of stuff like that. Sorry, guy I’ve never met.

      I’m glad you enjoy your radio people. I wouldn’t. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this point.


  7. FYI I’ve decided to do something similar today. 10 minutes in and it’s already better than this station. 3 killer songs I love, no ads yet.


  8. Cmon you know who Tom is! “We praise the name of Thomas Lionel Morewood, we gather here today, because if him!”. Sausagefest!

    Hoping to do a single post if I can stay tuned in for an hour.


    • Ah, that does sound familiar, but I’ve still never met him so I guess it didn’t stick.

      Just don’t let your employers know you’re using an hour on their dime to write about the radio.


  9. I was going to make my own post about this, but instead I decided just to post it here. I did a similar experiment and here are the results!

    I decided like Aaron to cover an hour in the morning, so it’s not too different from the programming he heard. If I had done an afternoon, there would be some LeBrain promos on Marko’s show, but I chose the Midday Lockdown with DJ Patrick Dynamite.

    PATRICK DYNAMITE 10:00 – 11:00 Aug 12 2014

    1. Oasis – “Don’t Look Back in Anger”
    Station ID
    2. Def Leppard – “Pour Some Sugar On Me” (single mix)
    Patrick announces Kiss/Def Leppard show tonight, and upcoming songs. “Here’s Kiss from ’79’s Dynasty, thanks for rockin’ with Dave.” Knew the album and year – bonus. (The computer doesn’t always give them this info because it often pulls songs like this from a greatest hits CD.)
    3. Kiss – “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”
    Station ID for morning show (5 seconds)
    4. Big Wreck – “A Million Days” – great guitar solo often mistaken for Steve Morse! (CanCon)
    Patrick announces contest to win tickets to Alice In Chains/Monster Truck next week. Also meet and greet!

    COMMERCIALS: Funny clip from morning show, Tim’s, car loan, auto parts, lawyer, Athletic Club, Waterloo Brewing Company, Seagram coolers, station ID.

    5. Trooper – “We’re Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)” – first song I could skip. (CanCon)
    Station ID for “new rock” – Theory of a Dead Man.
    6. Theory of a Dead Man – “Drown” – crappy post-grunge. (CanCon)
    Patrick announces chance to win the last Dave FM Backyard Bash for the summer. Party for 20 plus a new patio set.

    COMMERCIALS: Tim’s, Hyundai, arrive alive (drive sober), Moparfest.
    Patrick – weather

    7. The Police – “Synchronicity II” – awesome tune
    LEGENDS OF CLASSIC ROCK with Jeff Woods – Eric Clapton throws a legendary party in ’79: the Beatles reunion that never was, because Lennon didn’t know.
    8. The Beatles – “Come Together”
    Station ID (5 seconds)
    9. Three Days Grace – “Chalk Outline” – more crappy post-grunge. (CanCon)
    Patrick – recaps the last songs, announces Alice Cooper concert on Halloween in Kitchener! Pre-sale info available for Dave FM members.

    COMMERCIALS: Dave FM ride to end Multiple Sclerosis, debt resolution, Subway, auto sales,

    Fido,, Moxy’s, an evening with Alice Cooper, station ID.
    10. Triumph – “Magic Power” (CanCon)
    Station ID (about 30 seconds)
    11. AC/DC – “TNT”


    • Kudos on giving it a whirl. I think you got better songs than I did (except for Oasis, you can keep them).

      You’re gonna go to that Alice show on Halloween right? I mean, can you get any cooler?!?


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