Series – The Radio: 93.7 Country 93

For today’s installment in the series, “my redneck past is nipping at my heels.” (thank you, Ben Folds!).

Yes, I have tuned in to Country 93.7, online, for the hour between 11am and 12pm. This station is one of the many in the area run by the same Bayshore Broadcasting Company.

I hardly ever play this station, except for the weather reports. They usually have the most up-to-date weather (probably for the farmers?), and in the wintertime in this neck of the woods, getting road conditions, school closures and reports on just how generally shitty the weather is at the moment is absolutely essential. Especially considering that my lovely wife commutes for two hours every day along the shores of the Bay.

How do I feel about trying this station? As I noted in my recent Kenny Rogers review, I’ve softened towards country music as I age. I grew up in a farming community, surrounded by it, then rebelled against it in my teens and 20s, and now I’m seeing the good stuff for what it is – good stuff. Of course, like every other genre, there’s a whole shit-ton of crap, too, so most of it is best avoided.

Going in to this listening session, I have no idea what type of music this station plays – is it the new country? Classic oldies? A mix? I’m about to find out!

It’s 11am and it’s 19C with winds SSW at 22 km/h. From 11-12 they list a show called Middays with Donna Henry.

Unlike the rock station yesterday, this website doesn’t list songs recently played (at least, not that I could find), so I’m using Google to search for lyrics when I’m not told artist and song title.

Here we go!

My clock must be fast, because at 11am exactly there was a song already playing. “And she was like oh my god…” Oh yes, I love superior lyrics, like oh my god. Not. Turns out it was Luke Bryan’s Play It Again. Which is about waiting for your favourite song to come on the radio. An interesting way to start – although I’m very, very (OK, completely) unlikely to hear my favourite song on a country radio station.

blather  (call-in ad for noon show)
Doc Walker – If I Fall

blather – DJ is Jason McCoy, not Donna Henry
Vince Gill – What The Cowgirls Do
Chad Brownlee – Fallin’ Over You

station id
Eric Church- Springsteen

blather (call-in request, ad, robin williams)
commercials – (5: relay for life, insurance, oil change, furniture, farm show)

station id
Johnny Cash – Orange Blossom Special
weather brought to us by… – but then no weather?! Weird.

station id
Kacey Musgraves – Keep It To Yourself (ugh, it rhymes self and shelf)
Eric Paslay – Song About A Girl
Gil Grand – Break It To Them Gently (cover of Burton Cumings)

blather (call-in ad, songs run-down)
commercials (5: bayshore healthy tomorrows (wills), signs, storybook park, cars, tim hortons)
weather report

station id
Brad Paisley – River Bank

station id
Aaron Lines – You Can’t Hide Beautiful

blather (request ad again, ad, songs run-down)
community news (upcoming events) spot
commercials (3: rodeo/stampede, station contest, furniture)
station id
commercials (1: autobody shop)

station id
Dean Brody – Underneath The Apple Trees
Jamie O’Neal – Trying To Find Atlantis
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton – Islands In The Stream (subtitle: when Dolly sweats HAHAHA)

And now it’s 12pm, time for the news. It’s 20C (feels like 26C) with winds SSW at 26 km/h, and with a light drizzle. Well, not here, but wherever they post the weather it’s (apparently) raining lightly.

In this hour, here’s what we got:

5 times the DJ talked (also included a station id)
7 station IDs
1 fake-out weather report
1 actual weather report
1 community events spot
14 commercials
14 songs

As for the songs, what I’m hearing in the new artists is pop music with a bit of a twang in the vocals. Replace the singer with a pop singer and there wouldn’t be much to distinguish it from the generic pop on the local pop station. They all seem… the same. Same chord changes, same big production (probably autotuned), same slight twinges of something like a banjo or a lap steel (but not enough to fully root it in country). Most of them were about trying to find love, or already being in love. It was so same-y, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t know one from the next. Ugh.

Loved hearing Johnny, and fun that Kenny turned up so soon after my own review of one of his Hits sets, in these pages. Did you know the Bee Gees wrote Islands In The Stream? Me neither, until I Wiki’d it today, but listen to it (especially the chorus). I can totally hear the Bee Gees doing this.

This station LOVES to tell you about itself, as that was a shit-ton of station IDs (7 IDs + 5 DJ IDs = 12 in one frickin’ hour).

There were 4 more commercials than the rock station yesterday, but not one commercial about tires. Weird. And the rock station didn’t make any effort towards announcing community events.

That’s also two radio stations in a row that listed one DJ on the web site but then during that time there was a different DJ. Maybe these stations need to get their shit together, on this point.

In sum:

Well, now I’ve done that. Won’t need to do that again. Except for the weather.


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  1. I bought a live Eric Church disc from last yr cuz of all the hype on him and for me it seemed like the kind of hype Earle got 25 yrs ago on Copperhead Road…
    Church seems alright but not as good as Earles Shut Up And Die Like A Aviator from 1991… Now that’s a live country rock release !
    Other than that can’t handle country…..


    • Yeah that Earle record is a gem. Recorded in Mike’s hometown, I do believe.

      I guess I wasn’t really reviewing what got played (except making jokes about Dolly’s boobs), just reporting. Nothing stands out in my memory about that song, so I’ll likely lump it into more of the same sound. The one that was really shrill was that song about Atlantis. Wow, I’d never need to hear that again.

      If you get the good stuff, country’s not too bad. But for a rocker through and through, I can see how it’s be not to taste. 😉


  2. Apparently OS takes their furniture seriously as well as tires (if the ads are any clue). lol
    I am so not on the country scene. I mean Kenny and Dolly’s hoots, yeah I know. But Brad Paisley – name only. And you’re right. New Country is essentially pop music with a twang in the voice, and one of those slide organ things (sorry don’t know what they are called). Voila, country. Nothing wrong with it, just not my wheelhouse.


    • We have many furniture places. I don’t know if this area is known for that, or anything, but on top of the stores and such, there are also a plethora of mennonite furniture makers in the area.

      The rockers want tires, the shit-kickers want dinette sets. Apparently. Haha.

      We saw Brad Paisley in concert, I think, when we lived in Sasktoon. It was part of Tom Jackson’s Huron Carol. Also Michelle Wright, Beverly Mahood, and the Nylons too. I know!

      Watch some of those New Country music videos, especially the ones done in concert. It’s like their inner rockers have finally broken free of the old Opry thing of just standing there and singing, so now they can finally jump off the drum risers and have a whole light show. Yawn. It’s been done. But kids will be kids, I guess. Yee. And haw.


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